Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Battle of the Bands: Gloria

I'm back for another Battle of the Bands. I decided to change gears this time around and go for some classic rock and roll,

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I pit two versions of the songs together and you vote by your comments. I will be back six days later with the winner on September 7.

I found my inspiration from yesterday being Van Morrison's birthday so I decided to stay with him or in this case Them.

Here is the original "Gloria"

Challenger One: The Doors 

Challenger Two: The Shadows of Knight

A song by a legendary artist Van Morrison with the band Them gives a great song for the battle. Then we have contestant one another Morrison, Jim and The Doors against a classic, perhaps forgotten band called The Shadows of Knight. I wonder who you will vote for in the comments.


Arlee Bird said...

Loved this song when it came out by Them, but I heard the Shadows of Knight version more than any partly because I lived in the Chicago area at the time and that's where the band was from. Even after I moved to Tennessee in the summer of 1966 the Shadows of Knight ruled the airwaves with their version of "Gloria".

The Doors do a great version of the song, but it sounds like the Doors covering "Gloria". Well, duh! I prefer hearing the Doors doing their own stuff.

My vote goes to the classic version by Shadows of Knight.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

Debbie D. said...

Great song choice! :) The Shadows of Knight version sounds a like like the original. I'm a sucker for Jim Morrison's vocals and am voting for The Doors. Arlee has a point. They certainly put their own stamp on the song.

Michele Truhlik said...

I like Jim Morrison's voice so that swayed my vote right away. Patti Smith does a great version of this song too. My vote goes to the Doors. Jim's voice is always so haunting...
Great battle
Michele at Angels Bark

Cherdo said...

I want to be totally open minded...and I was.

But it's THE DOORS, man. I'm under Jim Morrison's spell. I gotta go with The Doors.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

I'm inclined to agree with Lee on Jim Morrison and the Doors, with this song. IMHO, it's not for them. Shadows of Knight played a great deal of the time here, as well. My vote goes to them, Mike. Thanks.

John Holton said...

I'm going with my homies from Mt. Prospect, Illinois, THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT! Like Arlee, it's the version I grew up with, and the version I learned the guitar part for. The Doors did a good job, but nothing beats the garage-band sound.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

I actually had the THEM Vs. DOORS versions of this song on my 'Future BOTBs' list. I and I STILL would have voted for The Doors.

TSOK are really just doing (as much as they can) a note-for-note copy of the original. THE DOORS, on the other hand, turned it into theatre and made it their own. Easy vote for the "other" Morrison and his buddies.

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Mary Burris said...

Great battle! I really adore the Doors, as they hold special memories for me, but for this song, I am going to have to give my vote to the Shadows of Knight.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Mike! This one's easy for me because the version by the Shadows of Knight is on my list of the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell. It was the only version played at my old hangout, the only one I remember listening to on my local top 40 radio station, and I like it better than the Van Morrison/Them original. Jim Morrison's elongated version was overindulgent, in my opinion, and sounded too much like "When The Music's Over" with supplanted lyrics. Give my vote to the SOK!

farawayeyes said...

I've actually seen that Chicago garage band at dances and concert performances in Chicago. It's hard to vote against them, but The Doors take the song to a whole nother level. Give Jim and the gang my vote.

Jeffrey Scott said...

Sometimes, longer songs annoy me. 3-4 minutes max is about the time I get the point of the song. If many songs get longer than that, I start to get bored. But not in this case. I love the Doors rendition of the song and I don't mind the six minutes of listening to it.

Cathy Kennedy said...

The Shadow of Knight steal my vote! This is the version I remember over the original and I didn't even know The Doors did a cover until now. Nice battle, Mike!

Janie Junebug said...

I vote for the Doors because they're the Doors.


Birgit said...

Shadows is better than I thought they would be but I have to go with the Doors. The voice and the whole muscial style wins me through and through