Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Birthday of Johnny Cash

Yes today was George Harrison's birthday as well. However, today Johnny Cash wins out. Perhaps, it is because I have blogged enough on the Beatles. Perhaps, I am more in a country frame of mind. Having attended Darrell Scott's show in December and seeing Ryan Adams in January. More simply put it could have been because of Cash's appeal to more than the country crowd and his talented songwriting ability. He would have been 80 today. So, we celebrate his life and legacy with some fun covers from perhaps the unexpected.

Here is Roger Daltrey the legendary vocalist of The Who covering Ring of Fire via YouTube:

Here is Johnny Cash covering a Nine Inch Nails song, and making the song his from YouTube..

Here is Pearl Jam covering the Johnny Cash song "25 Minutes to Go" from YouTube..
Here is Johnny Cash covering U2's "One" via YouTube...

Hope you enjoy...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Theatre Recap

Well I have one more review in process. It is for The Who's Tommy now playing at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia. If you are in the area check it out it is playing through the weekend. It is a great show,,,

Any way I attended two more plays since the last time I wrote about theatre in here. The first one was Three Bears which I mentioned before hand. It is good, family entertainment a bit short. My daughter loved it. It is playing in Tyson's Corner through March 4th so you still have time to enjoy it. Here is my full review.

Civilization (All You Can Eat) was what I saw last week at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, D.C.. The play sports an all star local regional cast. The theatre also has some pretty cool interactive activities going on. You can read my review here.

If you can't make it too these shows support your local theatre scene you might find some great shows!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fishing My New Beat

I just picked up a new beat on Yahoo! Sports I will be writing about fishing. The cool thing is I get to write about something I enjoy doing. Hopefully, as the weather gets warmer I will be able to make time to actually fish. I know a small lake just a few yards from my house that I think the bass will be ready to eat some night crawlers!

Anyway I thought I would share some fishing articles I have already published. My latest one was about West Virginia Bass Records. You can read it here. West Virginia has records for seven different bass. Not bad for a hilly state probably better known for its trout fishing.

Here is an article I wrote last year about how to get a West Virginia fishing license. If you are going to fish for bass or trout you probably are going to need one.

Here is an article I wrote about one of my favorite fishing spots in neighboring Maryland. It is called Blair's Valley Lake and it is a wonderful place to catch yellow perch, bass, carp and catfish. it is also stocked for trout.

Anyway just a quick blog today to announce the news of the new beat and to share some old fishing articles. I will be sharing news about new articles soon. If you have any suggestions for fishing articles let me know.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Allgood 2012 Initial Lineup

The Allgood 2012 Festival lineup is similar to Wanee. The Allman Brothers will be at the Allgood Festival. Furthur won't be but Phil Lesh is bringing his friends. Bob Weir is showing up with Bruce Hornsby. Mickey Hart is bringing his band. So the Grateful Dead will be well represented at this festival as well. Bob ad Bruce are bringing jazz legend Branford Marsalis with them as an added treat.

The Allman Brothers performing Sweet Melissa from last year's Wanee Festival..

Allgood takes a turn away from Wane with The Flaming Lips and Michael Franti &Spearhead. Add in a little G. Love and Special Sauce and you have your own little party going on.

G.Love and Special Sauce performing Baby's Got Sauce..

Jam band party staples Galactic and Lotus are on the bill. Galactic performing at Wanee Last year..

Trampled by Turtles is playing Bonnaroo this year and All Good. Railroad Earth is another great jam band which is a great fit at this festival.

Others include: Shpongle, SOJA, Papadosio, The Werks, The Wood Brothers, Lettuce, The Lumineers, Everyone Orchestra, and The Rex Jam which help make Allgood its own unique festival. It is a shame they couldn't stay in West Virginia, but they didn't move far just to Ohio.

The Festival promises to get better adding about 20 more acts before it is all said and done. What do you think of the line up?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hunter S. Thompson Gone Seven Years

I'd like to think thee is a bit of Hunter S. Thompson in my writing. I'll never be him nor do I want to be him. I don't write like him, for good or bad. However, I am not the typical writer and I don't always follow the rules.
I've enjoyed Hunter's books. I still have quite a few to read. My favorite is probably most people's favorite "Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas." Here is a trailer for the movie based on his book:

Here is a great tribute from Anita Thompson..please read here. I realize he touched more people and influenced more writers then he touched or influenced me. That is why I picked him as the subject of today's blog to celebrate his life and writings.

Since the elections are coming up here is Hunter S. Thompson on Letterman in 1988 talking about those presidential elections..

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on Hunter S. Thompson in the comments. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Michael Davis, The Bassist for MC5 Passed Away

The bassist for a short lived but great sounding classic rock band passed away.  Michael Davis was the bass player for the MC5 which put out three albums between 1969 and 1971. The band is probably best known for the title track of their debut album "Kick Out the Jams." Here is a video of the song from youtube...

I heard about his death in Ultimate Classic Rock and you can read more about his life there.

I first learned about this band from a teacher I had in eighth grade. Probably not the history lesson he wanted to stick with his students but he might be happy at least something stuck..

Saturday, February 11, 2012

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Sad news Whitney Houston passed away. Her golden years in pop were basically they years of myself coming to age. She died a handful of years older than me. Still too young to die. Don't really know how she died but here is an AP article on her death.

How she died isn't really that important. She is gone. However, she did leave us a legacy of music and movies. Even though my musical taste is more of the Bodyguards taste in her movie I can appreciate and celebrate her legacy. It is a shame we lost her on Black History Month  but it is a perfect time to celebrate her contribution to that history.

In the Mid-Eighties she had big hits like "How Will I know," "Saving All My Love For You," "Greatest Love of All," "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," "Didn't We Almost Have it All," "So Emotional," and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go." All of which were number one hits.

Video for "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" from YouTube:

She had success in the 90's as well. "I'm Your Baby Tonight," "All the Man That I Need," "I Will Always Love You," and "Exhale" all went number one. "Exhale" was her last number one in 1995. In 1999 "Heartbreak Hotel" went number two.

Video for "Exhale" from Youtube:

She even had a top 10 hit with the "Star Spangled Banner" in 2001. Here she is singing the National Anthem from Youtube:

She starred in the mega hit movie "The Bodyguard." She also starred in "Waiting to Exhale," "The Preacher's Wife," and "Sparkle" which is scheduled to come out this year.

"I Will Always Love You" from "The Bodyguard" via Youtube:

Whitney Houston a talent that will be missed thasks for the memories and songs you leave behind.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

End Days

The end of the world might be coming. However, my daughter isn't being stalked by an Elvis impersonating teen yet. I'm not mopping around the house not buying groceries. My wife isn't walking around talking with a Jesus hallucination. However, you can see it all in "End Days" playing in Frederick at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. You can read my review here.

I've already seen it so I won't be watching it this weekend. Instead I will be taking my daughter to the theatre in Northern Virginia to see something special. Stay tune to read my review and here more details soon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Looking Ahead,,,

I covered a couple of cool concerts in January and four plays. This month I have covered one play, I have two more lined up. I may pick something else up I don't know. I'm already looking ahead to March. It could start with me covering a stand up comedian and I am working on a few concerts.

It is kind of nice when you don't have big plans and things just work themselves out. Some of the things I am lining up are local things while others are some big deals. Stay tuned there should be some great surprises coming up..

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bob Marley Day

I've been hooked on Bob Marley ever since I heard his music. As I've grown older and had a family I like his music even more as it is positive vibrations. Happy Birthday Bob I hoe you Rest in Peace!

Some of his songs are great for the times we live in, even though he has been gone over 30 years..

Example 1 Them Belly Full..

One of my favorites..

He was respected by other artists as well here is Clapton covering him..

Here is Jimmy Buffett covering Bob Marley..

It is black history month and here is someone who should be honored..

As the World Still has So Much Trouble..

Friday, February 3, 2012

Darrell Scott Plays Sunday in Charleston

I'm almost tempted to drive the six hours or so to go to Charleston, West Virginia for the Mountain Stage Show.It features the very talented Darrell Scott who I blogged about in December.  The Dirty Dozen Brass Band who I have seen in New Orleans and at the Western Maryland Blues Festival. A great high energy brass band that is a lot of fun to see. Also on the bill Solas, Rosi Golan, and Jimmy LaFave. A very tempted show...

My friend Bill Lynch writes for the Charleston Gazette. He had the chance to talk to Darrell Scott as part of Mountain Stage Preview artist. Playing it forward a bit here is a link to Bill's article. In case you missed my review of Darrell Scott's concert here is a link to that as well.

Here is Darrell Scott on piano, photo by me..

Darrell Scott in action from the show I saw at the Opera House from YouTube..

If you are near Charleston Sunday see this show! If not keep a look out for his Spring Tour.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Post 500

I have reached the 500 post mark. It only took 4.5 years give or take. I think the blog is getting better as I am getting a bit more savvy. I have finally been able to add youtube videos and pictures to the posts. Yes there is still a lot of shame less self promotion but I like to add more to it then just telling you about an article. Hopefully, a little extra. The blog hasn't all been shameless self promotion.

I've try to play it forward. Lately, I have participated in some games, challenges to make blogging a little more interesting. Through the 500 posts I have informed about deaths. In 4.5 years we have lost some talented folks. I don't get them all. I also try to share things. There are a lot of blogs I think of that just don't get  typed. 

What will the next blog be about? I have some ideas but I don't know. The blog is getting stronger and better. Lately there has been more music. I try to balance it a bit. However, it is what it is as the saying goes. It is still my ramblings. So buckle up and enjoy the ride! I plan on rambling on...