Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another Sunday, Another Southern Church, Another Shooting

This time the shooting was in Selma, Alabama. A town rich in civil rights history. In this shooting one could not play a race card, However, it is still a tragedy that I am sure rips through a community.

A Pastor's reaction...

 I think this shooting happened because someone was hurting. Call it what you will mental illness, mentally disturbed, or heartbroken. I call it someone was hurting and they lashed out. A lot of people in this world are hurting.

I am not saying this wasn't a crime. I am not saying the person deserves mercy. I am just stating a fact it appears the shooter was hurting. I am also sharing the fact that a lot of people in this world are hurting.

I don't know maybe if this person had someone to talk to this shooting wouldn't have happened. Lots of people hurt. We call the medical condition sometimes depression. This world isn't easy to live in, It is a world full of pressure and things that can hurt us mentally.

I bring this up because it can lead to shootings like this. More commonly it can lead to suicide and September is suicide prevention month (or at least I read that on Facebook,)

Relationships they hurt, finances and financial pressures can hurt, politics, religion, peer pressure and peers they all can hurt. Even simple low self esteem can make life tough. You are very lucky if you have gone through live with no hurt. I've felt hurt. Haven't wanted to shoot people or commit suicide but I've been hurting on the inside,

I admit the hurt. Not to show I am weak but to show compassion and understanding. I could have picked another music or sports topic to write about. However, I thought in light of this shooting which I am sure caused more to hurt that it was time to write about hurt.

Maybe if we discussed hurt more often we could overcome it. Maybe we could stop a shooting, a suicide, or some other act of violence. Maybe we get someone over their hurt enough to stop something bad. Maybe we can stop and realize the world is a hurtful place enough and maybe we could make it better.Maybe we can start a conversation and find some hope.

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