Thursday, September 3, 2015

My First Unfriended

I unfriended someone today from Facebook. It had nothing to do with the political correct world we live in today. Nothing to do with a flag or people being shot. No this person would have been unfriended from me if he would have posted the crap he posted earlier.

It was vulgar and crude. It was blatantly racist. His comments didn't belong on facebook at all. Certainly not on my page.

It was a meme about black and white
relationships. Not only was it racist it degraded woman as well.

Why do I care? I am not in a mixed race relationship. I care because I have friends who are in mixed raced relationships that have treated me like family. I care because my daughter was taken care of by a mixed race couple for the first six years of her life. They treated her, my wife and me as family. Not that it matters they were Burmese and white.

It matters because one day my daughter will be in a relationship. I hope the person she is with treats her like family.

So my feed wasn't the place for that crap. The person I had never met so it wasn't a big loss. Plus I am comfortable with me, myself and I.


Janie Junebug said...

I care because I love people. And dogs. I don't want to read that sort of stuff, either. It's too cruel and upsetting.


Dixie@dcrelief said...

I agree with you, and Janie. It's like poison in a cup that you don't have to pick up, much less sample. (smile).