Sunday, December 9, 2018

Monday's Music Moves Me: Annoying, Banned, Controversial Christmas Songs

The theme for December for Monday's Music Moves Me is Christmas Music. I kicked it off last week with a Christmas start up. Annoying, Banned, Controversial Christmas songs sounds like a great place to start since some of these have been in the news recently.

It may shock, it may offend, you may disagree but by all means dance!

"Baby Shark" has been very popular! I think some of the popularity is due to it's annoying factor. Just in time for Christmas there is "Santa Shark"...

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" (the banned one)

Bing Crosby and Doris Day have the pleasure of singing the song.

Controversy runs rampant in "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"

Verbally abusive dad, bullying, and the bad behavior towards him for being different.

Fun little ABC's of Christmas Songs that might be found on the Naughty list. Maybe people are over reacting? I don't know. However if you listened to these three earworms chances are you might just start singing one.

Battle of the Bands Result: As Tears Go By

The way things unfolded I think I should have went with a Christmas song. It is very ironic that I went with "As Tears Go By." It foreshadowed my life and certainly there was enough tears going by last week.

Not to be a Debbie Downer there were some good things happening on my blog. We have a winner! Marianne Faithful won 6 to 1.  It wasn't a close battle but it wasn't a shut out thanks John! Visit his blog it is a fun one!

Even though votes were a little down I did have a new voter. I hope Aisasami will continue to visit and vote. Maybe join the fun?

Like I said we have a winner! We celebrate winners here so let's go!

                                               "Broken English"

"The Ballad of Lucy Jordan"

"The Pleasure Song"

Thanks for visiting! I will be back on the 15th with a new Battle. On Monday's this month I am posting Holiday music. I'm sure I will post something in between so feel free to come back!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Holiday Blues: Farewell to the Family Pet

Maybe I should have gone for the Christmas song on my Battle of the Band perhaps I jinxed myself.  Like most people the Holiday's are a busy time of year. I have a lot going on at work, outside of the work, my daughter's performance, family and the list goes on.

Christmas was going to be busy in a good way. My daughter and I both having important parts in the Christmas Eve late service. I was planning to get her a new laptop and few more items on her Christmas list. That was before it all came crashing down.

                                                   Our cat in his younger days...

I had just gotten home from work and a delivery man had just arrived.  I got out of my car and signed for the package. While I was signing I heard our cat, Bandit meowing from inside. It was unusual for him to meow that loud. Granted he was sick the day before actually turning down treats. He had been vomiting before that. I thought he was just sick and would get over whatever he had. A cat vomiting isn't unusual they get fur balls. When I got inside I could tell my little buddy wasn't doing well. Didn't think it was as dire as it was but  I did think he needed to see someone. I called a few Vet's and they were all about to close so they all recommended an emergency animal hospital. The cat had moved eight feet I put an extra pad of carpet in his carrier and got him to move into it. I contacted the wife to make sure my daughter would be picked up. The ride to the animal hospital was about 30 minutes. I took the ride nice and smooth, talking to bandit. He talked back with some meows and he appeared to get calmer.

At the animal hospital I filled out all the paper work. It was just like going to urgent care. We waited in the waiting room. I opened the carrier and petted him. He wasn't going anywhere. I think I even got him to purr. We both watched as some lady carried a big dog to back. Finally they called us back.

I knew from the get go the evening was not going to be cheap. It was $95 just to be seen. They told me there were 2 or 3 animals ahead of us. They took his temperature the old fashioned way, he meowed a couple of times to say that wasn't nice. Well his temperature came in low and they stated he was dehydrated. He jumped the line as they said he was critical. They wanted to give him an IV and get him warmed up. The price went up to $214. Then they came back and started talking about life support options.

I'm like my cat is going to be fine. They are going to give him some fluids and find out what is wrong with him. Then they come back with the medical plan. $1300 to $2300. At this point the cat is already back in the treatment area. That's crazy money for a cat. However he was more than a cat. They needed an $1800 dollar deposit to take care of him.

$1800 is a lot of money too me. What do I do take him home and hope he makes it? Mind you I have a wife who loves that cat, a stepson who won't admit it who loves that cat, and an 11-year old daughter who has spent 8.5 years with that cat. What do I tell my daughter? I pull out my card and pay the $1800. They had to keep him overnight. They did let me see him before I left. He was in a cage close to the nurses station. A heat lamp shining in the cage and a blanket on him. He was alert. I saw his paw bandaged and an IV attached. Pitiful thing to see a cat with an IV. I got the chance to pet him a few more times before I left.

He was going to be alright and I would be picking him up on Thursday. Most of the time being a Dad is a great thing. This night it wasn't so great. I went home and told my daughter Bandit is in the hospital. I told her somethings are more important than a nice Christmas and I asked her if Bandit was more important. She agreed. I told her he was in critical care, I spent a lot of money and the Doctors were working on him.

Somehow everyone got to sleep. Somewhere past 2:30 my phone rang. I missed the call. I called it back and it was the animal hospital. They were using a breathing tube to keep him alive. He had turned for the worst. They said it didn't look good. I'm relaying this to my hysterical wife.
The Doctors are asking me what I want to do. I'm like save my cat. While we are on the call it gets worse. They tell me his heart stopped. Nothing left to do he has expired. I ask if we can see him and the financial questions. Also discuss his cremation. My wife is getting dressed and I go to wake my daughter.

By this point the whole Dad thing kind of stinks. I've never seen anything flex to people like Bandit. He flexed to all of our personalities. He would let Evelyn carry him around like a ragdoll his entire life. He didn't play rough with her. He knew Mama didn't play. He knew me as playtime (and food). He could be himself with me. Claws came out occasionally. My daughter would laugh at us playing because we would chase each other around. She loved it when he would get on his hindlegs and chase me like he was a bear.

Anyway I woke her up and told her what happened.  It was not a fun conversation. We got dressed and drove to the animal hospital. We got to see Bandit one more time and say our goodbyes. He was already on his way to Cat Heaven. We drove home our hearts low and my debt higher. Still in shock he had turned sick so fast. They think his kidneys went bad. They said his vitals and everything were coming up. The believe he had a seizure, stroke and a blood clot. I just hope he knows he was loved.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Monday's Music Moves Me: First Monday of Christmas Music

The theme for Monday's Music Moves Me is Christmas songs. I might expand it to Holiday songs if I come across one or a song that is good for the season.

First up  "The First Noel" this version done by Carrie Underwood...

Coldplay performing "Christmas Lights"..


                                           Decorations and lights are a good way to start off the Holiday season.

                                           Just remember "Santa Klaus is Coming to Town"

                                               Well I think this is a good start to the Christmas Season!


Saturday, December 1, 2018

Battle of the Bands: December's Children, Tears, Covers

I know it is December and everyone is thinking the Battle of the Bands is going to be filled with Holiday music. I'm not quite ready for Holiday music. Well the Rolling Stones are going on tour and they had an album December's Children (And Everybody's). I am picking one of the singles from that album because it is December.


The song "As Tears Go By" by The Rolling Stones...

It is a short one so you will still have time for your Holiday Shopping!

                                                Contestant One: Marianne Faithfull

Contestant Two: Melanie


The contenders are both ladies. Vote in the comments on what cover you like best. I will total them up and have the results posted in a week or so. Hope it is fun and I will be back soon!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Battle of the Bands Chronicles: Volume Three the start of year two

My 25th Battle (labeled 24) celebrate one year of Battle of the Bands. In reality it was kicking in my second season. It featured The Band's classic "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down." I pitted Charlie Daniels against Johnny Cash. It was 9 to 8 for Mr. Cash. 17 votes is great for my blog.

Battle 26th went Jerry Garcia bluegrass. I used the classic tune "Shady Grove" and brought out the bluegrass giant Doc Watson. I matched up against the eclectic Taj Mahal. Taj won 6 to 5 in a very streaky Battle.

Battle 27th didn't stray far from my last one. "Panama Red" featuring The New Riders of the Purple Sage against Old and in  the Way. The New Riders won!

Battle 28: It was September 2015 and I left the banjos behind (for a little bit). The song was "Gloria." The Doors versus The Shadows of Knight. The Doors won but it was closer than you might think.

Battle 29: Keep on Loving You. Lisa Loeb and Dweezil that is a weird combination. ZMight be as strange as Keith Urban covering this song. Keith won 12 to 1.

Battle 30: Gimme Shelter!  Merry Clayton versus Grand Funk Railroad. The latter won 9 to 5.

Battle 31: Shoot to Thrill! Halestorm versus Theory of a Deadman. Theory of a Deadman won this won solidly.

Battle 32: I Was only 19. This battle was one of my most successful ones and it was a total surprise! The Lancer Band versus The Herd. The Lancer Band won.

Battle 33: Fortune Teller. Robert Plant and Alison against The Rolling Stones. Robert and Alison won this by a mile.

Battle 34: You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch. Jim Carey versus Straight No Chaser. The comedian lost badly.

Battle 35: Christmas Cookies! Loose Cattle and Scott McCreery. Loose Cattle won in a stampede.

Battle 36: Sympathy for the Devil! Guns and Roses versus Motorhead. Rocking into 2016. The Gunners won!

Battle 37: Louie, Louie! The Sonics against The Kinks. The Sonics win!

Battle 38: Three Desperados. Miranda, Linda R., and Karen Carpenter. Karen ran away with a victory.

Battle 39: New Orleans Ladies. Wayne Toups against Tab Benoit. Wayne won!

Battle 40: Midnight Hour. The Mirrettes versus The Young Rascals. The Rascals won.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

My Battle of the Bands Chronicle: Volume Two closing out a full year.

I started 2015 doing some California Dreaming for my 12th Battle of the Bands. The battle based on The Mamas and the Pappas classic featured the Beach Boys and Bobby Womack. The Beach Boys cruised to a 7-0 shut out victory.

My 13th featured Winterlong by Neil Young. The competition was Whitehorse and The Pixies. Some how the covers lost to Neil Young 3 votes for Mr. Young and 2 a piece for the challengers.

My 14th Battle dove into jazz with My Funny Valentine. I pitted two legends against each other Frank versus Ella. The voting was strong and Frank won 7 to 3.

Battle 15 featured Love Hurts. Joan Jett against The Everly Brothers provided strange competition. Joan Jett rallied to a 6-5 victory on this one.

My 16th Battle featured You're 16! Ringo versus Bill Forbes were the choices. No shut out but Ringo won easily.

I turned to JJ Cale and Travelin' Light for Battle 17. Widespread Panic returned to face Eric Clapton. Clapton made sure WSP was my first two time loser.

Battle 18 fell on April Fool's Day and during the A to Z Challenge. The song was "Everybody Plays the Fool" and featured The Main Ingredient and Aaron Neville. Aaron won 8 to 2.

Battle 19 fell in the A to Z Challenge. "Wild World" by some Cat. The contestants Mr. Big against Maxi Priest. Mt Big squeezed out the victory.

Battle 20 featured "Time is on my Side." The great Irma Thomas versus The Rolling Stones. The original by Kai Winding won. Interesting notes I couldn't keep track of the numbers back then as in the title I called it my 18th Battle. It also marked when I started doing results in a separate post.

Battle 21 was in honor of BB King and featured "Hummingbird." The contestants were Jimmy Page and Leon Russell. Jimmy Page won this Battle.

Battle 22 was New Orleans funk. A song by The Meters, Big Sam and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The latter won in a big shut out, However Big Sam is a lot of fun!

My 23rd Battle featured the Deep Purple classic "Highway Star." The competition featured Type O Negative against an All Star Band featuring Deep Purple alumni Glenn Hughes. Glenn and company won.

My 24th should have marked one year of this madness. It featured "Summertime." Ella and Mr Armstrong versus Billie Holiday. The team of two legends won.