Monday, June 29, 2015

Lowell George

Lowell George passed away at the age of 34 from a heart attack in 1979. Lowell George was a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the group Little Feat. Remembering him today is a perfect excuse to share some music.

Here is a solo song "Twenty Million Things"

Probably the song he and perhaps Little Feat is best known for.."Willin'"

Of course there isa "Fat Man in the Bath Tub"

What's your favorite Little Feat song? Any Lowell George memories? Feel free to share

How about "Heartache" with Linda Ronstadt

I will be back soon with a new post enjoy the music!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

R.I.P Chris Squire

Chris Squire a founder, vocalist and bass player extraordinaire of the legendary prog band Yes passed away at the age of 67. I played tribute to the band Yes during the April A to Z Challenge. The post had a lot of great Yes songs if you are searching for more music it is here!

Here is a tune from his 1975 solo album "Fish Out of Water" called "Lucky Seven"...

Here is a rarity. Chris Squire with Jimmy Page and Alan White The XYZ Sessions circa 1981..

Here is a classic Yes track for you with "Roundabout"...

Thank you for the music Chris Squire it will live in on vinyl, video and other recordings. May you rest in peace! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

More thoughts on "To Go Viking"

I wrote a review about a movie called "To Go Viking" which received a lot of attention on facebook which in turn made my editor very happy. I think the reason for the success of the review is people are truly interested in reenacting and vikings. Much more than I thought.

Here is a trailer for the film..

Here is a link to my review if you would like to read it. I learned quite a bit about the groups who go viking through this movie and came up with more respect for these kind of groups. The time they spent honing their craft. The authenticity of the weapons, the fighting styles, the costumes, the settings and everything truly showed they were more than just weekend warriors.

Here is a link to the central Texas based outfit which the film was based on. Here is one to the bigger group.

I enjoy finding more to share on the blog to enhance what I may have written in a review. I stumbled on this short interview with the film's director which you may like from

Thanks for visiting and I will be back soon! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Jeff Beck!

What a week for musical birthdays! Yesterday I celebrated Robert Hunter's birthday who contributed to so much music through the words he penned for them. Today I celebrate a guitarist who contributes so much to music through the notes he plays, Jeff Beck,

I celebrated his 69th birthday with this post last year. More music there, I will try to do a no repeat post here.

This cover of Sam Cooke tune is very appropriate for these times as well..

How about this version of "Because we ended as Lovers"

Lets go way back to The Yardbirds with "Heart Full of Soul"

A lot of music scanning six decades. What are your favorite Jeff Beck tunes, riffs,groups?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Robert Hunter!

Today, June 23, 2015 is Robert Hunter's birthday. In my opinion is one of the greatest lyricist on the planet. You may not know his  name but if you listen to the Grateful Dead you have surely heard songs he has penned.

Here Robert Hunter performs "Ripple" at the Songwriters Hall of Fame honoring Jerry Garcia and himself..

His contribution to the Grateful Dead was so big he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the band as a non-performing member of the band.

Here is one Hunter's vintage solo songs called "Dry Dusty Road"...

He wrote the song "Silvio" and a few others for Bob Dylan..

He wrote this song with "Little Feat" for an album back in 2013..

I'll leave you with this classic "Brokedown Palace"

I hope you enjoy the music and I will be back soon!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Kris Kristofferson

 Today June 22, 2015 is Kris Kristofferson's birthday. He was just featured in a blog by a friend of mind called the Far Away Series in a Battle of the Band. He lost that match up with Johnny Cash.

But Johnny Cash and Kris have had some collaborations outside of a Battle of the Bands.

Yes I added Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings because you can never have too many superstars.

I really discovered Kris Kristofferson when I saw him open up for Bob Dylan, But the first time I remember hearing a song he wrote was through Janis Joplin..

"Me and Bobby McGee" was a song Kris wrote. He also dabbled in acting as well..

The above clip was from Blade. My favorite Kris Kristofferson song is "Sunday Morning Coming Down"

Thanks for visiting! What is your favorite Kris Kristofferson song? Movie part?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Battle of the Bands Winner: Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai and Chad Smith

A super group consisting of Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai and Chad Smith won my Battle of the Bands over Type O Negative convincingly. No shut out. Not really a surprise since Glenn Hughes was in Deep Purple for a time.

Here is Deep Purple way back in 1974 with David Coverdale on vocals..Glenn is on bass and vocals as well the song is called "Burn"

Here is a pic of Glenn Hughes performing live with Black Country Communion..

Steve Vai is a great guitarist here he performs "Tender Surrender"..

Chad Smith is a drummer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers and is almost as good as Will Ferrell...

Red Hot Chili Peppers.."Under the Bridge"

Here is Glenn Hughes with Jason Bonham and Joe Bonamassa in a group called Black Country Communion...the song "Black Country"

Thanks for visiting I hope you enjoyed! Congrats to Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai and Chad Smith!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Lionel Richie!

Lionel Richie turns 66 today and he is still dancing on the ceiling!

Richie has had a lot of great hits. I will present a few and maybe a deep cut. What is your favorite song he has performed? Here he is a big "Hello" from him...

This meme about the above song always cracks me up...

 Anyway back to the music on his birthday celebration! Let's go a little country with Shania is their version of "Endless Love:"

Well his birthday party could go on "All Night Long"

However, I have to go to work so I will wrap this blog post up with that song! Happy Birthday Lionel Richie! Thanks for visiting and feel free to share your Lionel memories in the comments!

Friday, June 19, 2015

South Carolina Tragedy

I know it is a hate crime and racism was involved. More than a color these people were people!
Four clergy members. Most churches I have been involved with try to help the community, feed the hungry, house the homeless, and stop the violence. This is so sad. The other victims were doing good, being in a sanctuary a place of safety and peace. This isn't about color or religion but unfortunately it is. It is another reflection of the sad time it is to be in the human race!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney turns 73 today so I wish him a Happy Birthday. His fame will always be linked to the super group of his youth the Beatles.  He has had an amazing career with Wings and as a solo artist as well.

I am amazed by his collaborations they are hardly predictable.

Here he performs with Rihanna and Kayne West...

"Say, Say, Say"  with Michael Jackson...

The classic "Ebony and Ivory" with Stevie Wonder..

"My Valentine" featuring jazz artist Diana Krall and guitarist Joe Walsh..

Certainly it would be easy to celebrate his birthday with a bunch of solo hits or a collection spanning his career. However, I thought today the collaborations would be a nice way to celebrate.

Thanks for visiting and I will be back soon!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Battle of the Bands Volume 21:Perfect Strangers and Highway Stars

13 years ago today my life changed  at a Dio, Scorpions and Deep Purple concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In commemorating that I thought it was fitting to pull out some Deep Purple covers.

This song is from that tour and kind of fits "Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple..

Before that fateful night Deep Purple had been one of the groups I first liked way back in high school as my tastes were switching from a more pop oriented taste to a rockier guitar driven taste. Today's song isn't "Perfect Strangers." I decided to go with a song I still like to listen to when I roll down the windows and cruise down the highway.

Deep Purple's "Highway Star" from their 1972 album "Machine Head."

My battle of the bands contenders are below. However , I thought I would share some other Battle of the Bands with you as well.

If you are still looking for more musical fun after you vote, you can check out these sites for more battles:


Please check out my friends above, they post some pretty neat stuff! 

Regular rules. Listen to the two versions of the song below and vote in the comments for the version you like best. Of course the best rule is to enjoy. Rev your engines and welcome to the Battle! We have Type O Negative taking on an all star band featuring a Deep Purple alumni, a Red Hot Chile Pepper, and great guitarist. So the battle should be fun!

Challenger One: Type O Negative 

Challenger Two: Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai and Chad Smith

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to your vote!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

R.I.P Christopher Lee

Actor Christopher Lee has passed away at the age of 93.

Lots of us remember him from his modern roles in The Lord of The Rings movies but Mr. Lee appeared in over 2090 movies. Below is a clip from Dracula from 1958...

Here is a clip from The Fellowship of the Ring..

What was your favorite movie Christopher Lee was in? Favorite scene or memory? Feel free to share in the comments.

Christopher Lee was also into music. Here is a video of one of his songs...

Perhaps you would just enjoy him reading Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven..

Sir Christopher Lee will be missed but his legacy will live on his films.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Triple Crown Winner American Pharaoh!

American Pharaoh's historic run for the Triple Can started at the 2015 Kentucky Derby.

If you missed the race you can watch it here...

The Derby was one race down and two more to go. Next up was a trip to Baltimore...

As you see above he won the Preakness. Then the horse completed the sweep....

Winning  the Belmont State making him the first horse from Seattle Slew to win the Triple Crown. Seattle Slew won it in 1977.

Here that famous horse wins the Kentucky Derby..

This post was for the horses but hay I will be back soon with a new post!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp

Today is Johnny Depp's 52nd birthday! Time to wish old Jack Sparrow a happy celebration!

The Screen Actors Guild, the Golden Globe Award winning actor with his own Hollywood Star and an actor who has been in some of the biggest films spanning the last 40 years.

Here is a collection of his top ten moments...

What is your favorite role Johnny Depp has played? He was in Platoon, Donnie Brasco, Fear in Loathing, Blow, and The Pirates of the Caribbean to highlight just a few.

He is not done yet. Here is a trailer for his next film Black Mass...

Here is some bonus footage back from his 21 Jump Street days..

Happy Birthday Johnny!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Woman Soccer: USA opens with 3-1 victory

The USA Woman's soccer team opened the 2015 World Cup competition with a 3-1 victory over Australia.

Here are some highlights from the match:

USA is playing in the Group D pool which has been deemed the "Group of Death" due to the intense competition between Sweden, Nigeria, Australia and the United States. Sweden and Nigeria played to a draw. So right now the USA girls are in first place.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Battle of the Bands Winner: The Dirty Dozen Bass Band

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band won by a shutout in my Battle of the Band on June 1, 2015. No, I didn't quit my blog over the results. However, I did take a little time off as the real world was a little busy of late.

The song I though about  into the competition was this one featuring Trombone Shorty...

I've seen all three in concert and they are all fun to watch in their own right. However, since the Dirty Dozen Brass Band won in such convincing fashion I think it is only right to share some more of their music.

Here is Big Sam and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band together...

Big Sam used to be in The Dirty Dozen Brass Band before going fourth with his Funky Nation. Here are The Dirty Dozen Brass Band from the 2013 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival with "Blackbird Special"..

Sorry a little late for the post! I will have a few posts up before the next battle. I am planning to be back on the 15th with a Brand New Battle of the Bands. Hopefully it will be a closer battle.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Battle of the Bands Volume 20: New Orleans, Funk and Trombones

Image result for Trombone

Today's battle is inspired by a comment Robin from  ‘YOUR DAILY DOSE made on my battle on May 1, 2015.  The quote that inspired me to share more trombone was " There was also a time (ten minutes ago?) when I never would have guessed that a trombone made a good solo instrument. I understood the allure of the trumpet and sax. But the trombone???" I have found the trombone to be pretty prevalent in a lot of live music that I listen to, especially bands out of New Orleans. Please check out Robin's battle.

The last day of Jazz Fest the main stage was closed out by a man named Trombone Shorty. My part of the challenge is to pit two trombone fueled bands against each other with a common song. That is my mission impossible. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to vote in the comments and have fun! 

If you are still looking for more musical fun after you vote, you can check out these sites for more battles:


Please check out my friends above, they post some pretty neat stuff! 

It took a bit of searching but I found a song for this friendly competition that will fit well with my musical adventures at the final day of The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The legendary funk band out of New Orleans called The Meters also played on the main stage. So it is fitting I decided to use their instrumental called "Cissy Strut"....

The Meters are not in the competition. They are just providing the song for the competition.

Challenger One:

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Challenger Two:

Big Sam's Funky Nation

Well thanks for visiting I hope you enjoy! Remember to vote and come back for  the results on June 7, 2015.