Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy birthday Van Morrison

Today is Van Morrison's birthday. I am doing this blog from my phone so I appologize in advance for any errors or auto in correctness that may occur.

Lets jump right into the mystic..

Van Morrison has provided plenty of great songs through his career. I dedicate this one to my wife..My Brown Eyed Girl..

Hopefully I can get one more moondance..

Her name is not Gloria but if there a e any out there with that name here is a sing for them..

I hope you enjoyed your visit celebrating Van Morrison on his birthday. Come back tomorrow for a new Battle of the Bands post.


Dixie@dcrelief said...

Hey Mike, and another post I needed today! Into the Mystic... don't hold me back (smile), 'cause "I wanna rock your Gypsy soul." Brown eyed girl was great but then it got overplayed in my town... still... good moments. Moondance - yes, yes, YES!!! I don't know any Glorias. Great birthday tribute. Thanks for the tune-walk. See you tomorrow, Mike.

mike spain said...

Thanks Dixie I am glad I was able to post a blog you needed!

Arlee Bird said...

Love "Into the Mystic"! I first "discovered" Van Morrison in 1987. Oh, I was familiar with him for years from since he was with Them, but I only knew his hits and wasn't the biggest fan of those. Then when Poetic Champions Compose came out I was floored and immediately went out and bought everything in his catalog that I could find. Great music!

Yeah, Happy Birthday to Van.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
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