Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fantasy Football: The Undrafted

The fantasy football league that I participate had their draft yesterday. Unfortunately I was at work. My undrafted team didn't turn out too badly. Blaring weakness were Wide Receivers and besides one beastly running back I am thin there too.

I'm solid at quarterback. My strength is tight ends. I have a trio that I hope will keep me in the match ups.

Yahoo! graded my draft as a B-. As the season moves on I am sure I will make some moves. I have one pending as we speak. Should be a challenge this year.

Anyone else play fantasy football? How was your draft? Do you like your team?

Is everyone ready for some football?


Jeffrey Scott said...

I play fantasy football too. This year was the first for having a live draft. Normally we've done an automatic draft. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the live draft so still received an automatic draft. I've never worried too much about the drafting. I play rather well, considering and am almost always in the top half of my league. Last year I came in third. It's fun and entertaining

Dixie@dcrelief said...

I don't play, Mike, but I have a couple of friends that flip out at times on results. Guess I'll keep up with you, and Jeffrey too (smile). Have a great season!