Wednesday, September 2, 2015


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 Blogger is stating I must inform about this. I have put this notice in a sidebar on the blog among the other things my readers never look at.  Personally, I don't like to see cookies used, I prefer to eat them. However, by going on to my blog cookies much to my chagrin could be being used and by visiting I suppose you might be consenting to the use of these poor cookies.

While you are on my blog please keep me and my friend in mind while you are using cookies..

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What you do with cookies is your business we are all consenting adults here. I love cookies. I love European cookies. If you want to send me cookies I will provide you with a mailing address just ask.

Cookie Monster's best bites...

 I do ask that you don't put fruit in the cookies. Maybe raisins . Anything else you are pushing it. I went to church once and I was trying to eat this chocolate chip cookie that someone ruined by drizzling some sort of raspberry sauce in them. To this day I still believe it was an act of the devil.

At my blog we support cookies! We eat them up! We fully support free trade of cookies. As blogger pointed out it is my responsibility to give my visitors information on cookies and how they might be used.  I believe I have to my best of my ability. I am a law abiding blogger. Again if you want to send me cookies I will let you know the shipping address!

If you want to share more information for my readers on cookies please feel free to share in the comments. Share your favorites, share your recipes, share your support for the used cookies!

Remember a delicious cookie is a terrible thing to waste..

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1 comment:

Jeffrey Scott said...

This was awesome!
And true, some things fruit does NOT belong in. Beer for one, coffee is another.
As for European biscuits, have a digestive. Doesn't that sound appealing?