Friday, November 30, 2012

A Different Puss in Boots

Last year I watched the Maryland Ensemble Theatre's Fun Company put on a show called The Commedia Pinocchio. I blogged about it briefly here and you can read my review of that show here if you like.What the heck does this all have to do about some cat, Puss and some Boots? Well the Fun Company has brought back the Commedia Troupe to perform a The Commedia Puss in Boots and it is a hoot! You can read my review here.

Here s a commercial spot for their holiday shows...including Puss and Boots

The show is much different than this movie....

Well, I'll be back soon kicking off another month

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eleven years ago today..George Harrison

Eleven years ago today George Harrison, the guitarist for The Beatles and a solo artist after the band broke up passed away at the age of 58.

All Things Must Pass...

I would have loved to have seen him concert. This is probably the tour I wanted to see the most but they only toured Japan..and he was touring with Eric Clapton

Here is George with the Fab Four...

58 is still a bit young to go. He is missed. I will be back with a new post soon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix

Today Jimi Hendrix would have turned 70 years old. It would go without saying I am a fan of the music he created. I like guitars thus I am a fan of his.

I have blogged about him quite a bit this year.

On the anniversary of his death, and one on Experience Hendrix. Okay maybe I haven't blogged about him as much as I thought. Maybe it just feels like it when you add in several posts about Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Clapton.

He is a relevant thought as he was when he was alive. Sunday guitarists Mick Taylor and Jeff Beck joined the Rolling Stones on stage in London. I can't help but wonder if Hendrix was still alive would he be invited to play? What song would he play? A new Jimi Hendrix is scheduled to be released in March.

Here is some footage of Jimi hanging out with The Stones...

Here is an interview I found of Jimi Hendrix that I thought was neat...

A facebook friend of mine and a really good guitarist in his own right shared this video earlier today and I thought I might use the same one...

Just something different you don't really associate Jimi Hendrix with any other guitar but the Fender Stratocaster. However, the video shows him playing a 12 string acoustic.

Just a little ramble of what is on my mind musically today. I'll be back soon with a new post.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Duncan Sheik

Well I went to the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia on Sunday. It is a legendary music hall where lots of big names have played. On this night I came to see Duncan Sheik, the GRAMMY and Tony Award winning musician.

Here is Duncan performing "I Don't Do Sadness" from the musical Spring Awakening at the same venue but this was back in April...

You can read my full review here.When he played the song above he was joined by singer Laura Warshauer,,,

Here she is performing one of her songs

Courrier was the opening act they performed a 30 minute set. They are a real likable band with a lot of talent. Here is a little bit from Sunday someone caught on Youtube...

Well that was my musical adventure. Stay tuned I  will be back soon with a new post...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November Football Post 4

Fantasy Football

I project I will lose this week with a two point lead. My opponent has one more player left for Monday and I am a sitting duck. In a close match he will prevail. It almost sounds like politics...


What the heck? The Jacksonville Jaguars actually won this week. You can read my recap here.
Sorry couldn't find any highlights...


Well I cover two college teams so I will start with the winning one first. The Florida Gators beat Florida State. You can read my recap here. Here are some highlights..

Georgia clobbered Georgia Tech you can read my recap here. Here are some highlights...

Here is my new college rankings for this week.

Wanted to get the football post out of the way. I watched a play and a concert today which means I have reviews to write which equals more blog posts soon!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

R.I.P. Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman the actor who played J.R. Ewing on "Dallas" in the 70's and 80's and also on the recent TNT revival has passed away due to complications with cancer. He died on Friday. You can read more on his death in this New York Times obit.

Here is a video about his death...

Here he is in an interview along with Linda Evans discussing season 2 of the new "Dallas"....

Here is a clip from the original show...

Many of you may have forgot he also starred on "I Dream of Jeannie" here is an episode to remind you..

I remember watching the reruns of this show when I was growing up. He also starred in a few Broadway plays before his successful television career. His talents will be missed and he will be missed by his family and love ones.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Reflections on Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. If you live outside the United States I hope you had a great Thursday. My family had a nice dinner with some family friends. Anyway for the month of November I have been listing things I am thankful for the month of November, I thought I would share them on here.Some were tongue and cheek and some were serious.

Day 23: Today Black Friday I am glad I wasn't in that madness.

Day 22: Thanksgiving...I am thankful for Turkey
Day 21: I am thankful for firemen (and woman) and EMTs/ Thankfully I haven't needed them but they are good to have around.

Day 20..I am thankful for all the cancer survivors. I have a lot in my life and I am glad they are still with us.

Day 19 I am thankful I am blessed with healthy kids

Day 18 thankful for friends and family

Day 17 i am thankful a big mistake fixed itself like nothing happened

Day 16 I am thankful for BluesGate Jams for bringing a lot of great players together to jam close to where I live.

Day 15 Thankful for your smile
Day 14 I am thankful when little inconveniences turn into better opportunities
Day 13: I am thankful Tuesdays are planned nights for me and my daughter to spend time together
Day 12: I am thankful for all the veterans of the Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Day 11: Thankful to be able to say Happy anniversary to my wife
Day 10 thankful of 21 years of Pi Kappa Phi..HA style
Day 9 Thankful I get to see so many shows
Day 8 I am thankful I have something to eat, and I am hopeful those who don't will be fed
Day 7 I am thankful the election is over!
Day Six I am thankful that I live in a country where I can vote (yes I voted)
Day Five: I am thankful for the little blessings, you know the ones you forget or take for granted.
Day 4 Update I am thankful for my daughter
Day 3 I am thankful for the blues
Day 2: I am thankful the Sandy storm didn't do any damage but make the power flicker a few times and tear down a political sign, I am thankful that my friends and family weathered the storm and stayed healthy
I am thankful November only has 30 days so I only have to share 30 things instead of 31

I suppose I will continue this until the end of the month. Feel free to share what you are thankful for in the comments

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rhonda Vincent the Review

Well I told you I would be back with more about the Queen of Blue Grass, Rhonda Vincent and here I am. Well yes I interviewed her but I also was fortunate to review her show. You can read my review here. What was even better was the proceeds from the event went to help the high school where the concert took place. It went to help the athletics, the drama club, the band, other music programs. All of the programs that help kids, the extra curricular activities that along with academics can help students go to college, the programs constantly being cut where all supported and in my book(or at least in my blog) that is good.

The concert was good no opening act over two hours of music. Nothing fancy it was kind of stripped down. However, if you have won over 80 awards the music must be alright.

Trying to add a couple of videos, but between two articles and two blog posts I hope I post something different.

]and another

Monday, November 19, 2012

November Football Post 3

Writing wise I have a lot of things going on this month. I actually attempt to slow it down a bit but you all see how that is working. I'll be back with a few more reviews. I'm covering a concert and a play this weekend. Like always there is more. On to football...

Fantasy Football

After a very bad start I am riding a very long winning streak into first place. I was helped out by Justin  Blackmon's 49 point game and Rob Gronkowski who had a 25 point game but broke his arm.


Well the Jaguars almost won. They fell to Houston in overtime 43-37 to insure they have a losing season. You can read the recap here. Below are some highlights..

College Football

Who knew Kansas State and Oregon would both lose? Oh well here is my latest college rankings. The college teams I covered both won. The Florida Gators shut out Jacksonville State. The recap is here.

Georgia Tech beat Duke. You can read that recap here as well.Here are some highlights from that game...

Rankings, recaps, highlights..a bit of everything.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Interview with Rhonda Vincent

It's been a while since I've done an interview. Well I am back with a new one and my first one on DC Metro Theater Arts. I interviewed the Queen of Bluegrass Rhonda Vincent you can read it here.

If you are anywhere close to Brunswick, MD check her out in concert this afternoon at 3. I f not look for new tour dates in 2013.

Well I will probably blog more about her real soon so stay tuned...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Outlaws, Tommy Castro, and the Kenny Young Band

Last Friday I covered this concert at the Weinberg Center for the Arts. It is probably the best known theater in Frederick, Maryland and finally I got to go there. I like older, historic theaters so it was a treat from that stand point. The Kenny Young Band warmed up the crowd, Tommy Castro did what he does best and The Outlaws headlined. You can read my review here.As always I try to add a little extra so here are some pics I took..

Here is Tommy Castro in action that night...

He also brought a friend Deanna Bogart...

Then there was the Outlaws..

Still adding more here is a clip of The Otlaws performing  at that concert on 11/9/2012:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Crimes of the Heart

It's been a while since I covered a regular play. I've been covering a lot of concerts and musicals. However, it is nice to switch gears every now and then plus it gives me something new to blog about. Well I got to see the Sandy Spring Theatre Group's production of Crimes of the Heart at the Arts Barn in Gaithersburg. It is a neat venue with the crafts on display downstairs and the intimate theatre upstairs. It is a great place to watch a play or musical.

You can read my review here.The production continues through the 18th so there is still time to catch the show. The acting is fantastic.

I pulled a clip off youtube of another production of the play so you can get a feel for it, if you are interested...

Anyway I will be back soon with a new post...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Woody Sez

When I went to Theater J in Washington DC to see Woody Sez: The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie I was not expecting to see the same cast, the same director, the same show that ran on London's West End. The West End is London's equivalent of Broadway. Bonus! I picked a great show to see on my anniversary.You can read my review here.

Here is the real deal Woody Guthrie:

Here is the cast of Woody Sez:

Here is how they closed out their London stay with some bonus music:

More videos are up on the review. It was a great show with a very talented cast...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day

Most years I write a Veteran's Day blog I've said thanks a million times. I support the troops, sailors, military men and woman. I don't always support the politicians and diplomats who put them in harms way. I respect them and thank these brave men and woman. Some of these folks are my friends, fraternity brothers, so my caring goes even deeper.This time I wanted to show some clips and show why I am thankful for Veterans.This is why they deserve are respect.

Here is the Coast Guard performing a recent rescue..No matter politics you have to respect these folks putting themselves in risks to rescue people...

Here the Marines help people recover from Sandy...

Here Army National Guards make a rescue in New Jersey...

Here the Air Force delivers supplies to help with Sandy...

Here the Navy helps clean up after Sandy

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Football 2

Fantasy Football

My team should win again and move up to second place.


Another drumming for the Jacksonville Jaguars. You can read the recap here.

College Football

Well my rankings have a new number one. See who it is here.

Georgia Tech won a high scoring game against North Carolina. You can read the recap here.

Florida escaped Louisiana-Lafayette 27-20 you can read the recap here.

More football next week...

Friday, November 9, 2012

A lot of BluesI

I wrote a preview about the concert I am going to see tonight. It is headlined by The Outlaws, and features sets by blues guitarist Tommy Castro and the Kenny Young Band. You can read that on the examiner where I preview a lot if blues shows and write occasional reviews.I have a video of one of the Outlaws bigger hits on that. Here they perform "Freeborn Man" from 1977...

Here is a tune by Tommy Castro...

Last weekend I was able to see Keb' Mo' and I had heard a bunch of good stuff about him. He was incredible. You can read my review here. The article has three videos linked to it. However, I really liked this song...

Where I live there are a lot of great shows within a short drive. I covered Keb' Mo' while someone else covered Dr. John and The Blind Boys of Alabama now that sounds awesome too. You can read that review here.Of course here are some bonus tracks...

This one he performs with the great Eta James...

and here are the Blind Boys of Alabama....

Cool well I hope you enjoy and I will be back soon with more!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Melissa Etheridge

Friday I went to the Music Center at the Strathmore to see Melissa Etheridge. The venue has some of the best sound I have ever heard and is easy to get too. You can read my review here.I found part of the show n youtube so you can watch and listen below...

I must admit she does put on a long show and she enjoys it more than most artists! I know she is touring in support of her new album but she played most of it during the concert.Thankfully, the new songs sounded pretty good. Here is the title track of her new album, I chose a live version from Long Beach which happened about a month before the show I attended...

There are three videos posted with my review. I'm just adding some different ones to my blog post. Another new song of hers I enjoyed was...

It was a good show feel free to check out my review. I'll have a new post up tomorrow about the show I went to on Saturday so stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's over..the election

I've seen so much hate, intolerance, and anger over this election. I thought we were getting past that and we lived in a better place. Well my rose colored glasses certainly were knocked off! I saw it from Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps it has been there all along in the past. Maybe I didn't see it then since social network is a newer thing. I hope it gets better.

I hope the close election wakes Obama up! I hope he does more in the next four years. I hope the Country is better in four years! I hope he understands a lot of people aren't satisfied with what he has accomplished. I'm not bashing him, being President is a tough job and no matter what he does not everyone will be happy. I know he has to work with congress to get things done, but that his job.

I hope he can improve the economy, the environment, and make it a more peaceful world. If Mitt Romney would have won I would hope he would do the same. I hope education improves. I hope the hungry are fed and the homeless sheltered. I hope tomorrow is better than today..I have a lot of hope.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Football Post of November

Let's rev up November! My non sports fans don't worry I have a very busy November underway. Plenty of non sports posts coming! Tomorrow I will probably blog about the election, then Thursday and Friday will be music oriented posts. I've covered two shows already this month and it looks like I am going to cover five more plus see another one so a lot of material coming up!Sports fans looking for more than football.well basketball is a possibility stay tuned..

Okay enough rambling..

Fantasy Football

A fourth straight win and I am now in fourth place in my league and one game over .500. It was the second week in a row I had the biggest margin of victory. Doug Martin's 4 touchdowns and 251 yards really helped me out!


As some of you know I cover the Jacksonville Jaguars but my recaps might be better to read by fans of their opponents. This week the Detroit Lions whipped them. You can read my recap here.

College Football

The teams I cover on the college level fared much better. Georgia Tech beat Maryland soundly. You can read about it here. Highlights are below..

The Florida Gators bounced back and beat Missouri. Okay, maybe they didn't bounce back but they won. You can read the recap here. Below are some more highlights..

Last but not least my rankings for this week! You can read them here. That's it for now but a new post will be up soon!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Slowhand at 35

No Eric Clapton is not 35, but his album  "Slowhand" turns 35 after being released on November 1, 1977. I've had it on cassette(belief it or not I still play those) and on CD but it is an album I can't up with..I have had multiple copies stolen, lost or destroyed. It only rivals The best of Deep Purple in that category.

The album starts out with a couple of Clapton's biggest concert numbers. The first one is a cover of J.J. Cale's "Cocaine." Below he performs the song live:

Next one is the beautiful "Wonderful Tonight" which is one of my favorite softer songs by Eric. Take a listen to the video below...

The third song was the only other song to chart. it was "Lay Down Sally."

The other songs include:

Next Time You See Her
We're All the Way
The Core
May You Never
Mean Old Frisco
Peaches and Diesel

Funny the longest song on the album is one of my favorites "The Core" at over 8 minutes there is little wonder why it didn't chart, but not every tune is supposed to be a hit...

If you are a fan of Eric Clapton you should check out this album. Anyway it is a new month and I will be back with something new soon....