Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Perfect Play for thinking of 9.11

Sorry, I have been distracted from the blog for a while with other writing and live. Anyway my last post was about reflections of the morning after 9.11 called 9.12. I have blogged about 9.11 pretty much every September 11 since my blog was up. So, I wanted to look at it from a different angle.

I covered a play by Christoper Durang called "Why Torture is Wrong and The People Who Love Them" at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre in Frederick, Maryland. I linked my review. I recommend seeing the play in Frederick if you are close or if it is playing somewhere near you. It is a dark comedy. However, it does make you think. It makes you think of subjects that are politically incorrect. However, sometimes it is important to think about them to make them correct.

One of the blessings of theatre I suppose is the power to make us think about different things. 

Monday, September 12, 2011


The vivid images on television on September 11, 2001 did effect me. The facts that two planes crashed within a 100 mile radius of me is not a good thing. If I hadn't taken the day off from work that would have been one plane crashing within three miles of me.

I wasn't locked down in the Navy Yard like my Mother. I didn't run over to the Pentagon to help like my office mate did. No I watched the events unfold after my Dad called me. It was the first plane hitting. I had the unbelieving feeling like I did when the first Space Shuttle exploded.

However, it is September 12, 2011 which I will never forget. I parked my car in the pre-dawn hours outside in a parking lot in Crystal City. Fancy name for a part of Arlington next to Pentagon City and the Pentagon. It was the smell of the burning rubble from the plane. That stench in the air, is when it all hit home for me.

To the volunteers, to the Fireman, for the Police on 9/11 what you did was appreciated. What you do everyday is appreciated.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Real Dad and A Real Hero

I didn't know Richard Kerr. He was a founding Father of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at his school, Queens University, like I was at my old college. He was my age and had a four year old child like me. So, we had some things in common. He was also a father of three.

Some folks say there aren't any good dad's left. I say Richard Kerr was a great Dad. He made sure his son got to safety. He sacrificed himself for his son. He almost made it too. It is sad he did not make it. His family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Here is an article about his heroic deed, when he and his child were caught in a rip tide off the Atlantic Coast in Florida.  Link.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

College Football Part 1

Okay, I am calling this one football part 1, since I have some other articles I am waiing on to be published.

First off here are my rankings after week one. One week in the books and I already have a new number one the LSU Tigers.

Staying in the SEC here is my take on Florida's 41-3 win over Florida Atlantic. The Gators rolled. The Gators are ranked in the other polls, but I am not ready to rank them quite yet even if they looked good.

Moving to the Big East and the state I live in West Virginia. Here is my take on the start of the Dana Holgorsen era. Less than two weeks before West Virginia and Maryland meet in what should be a great game.

Well I hope you enjoyed the fist long weekend of college football. Stay tuned for part two.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Poetry

I hadn't realized I haven't pimped out my poetry on this blog since May. I have written a few since then.

I did a Father's Day poem which I got creative on form it is an acrostic formed by three haikus and an extra line. Since my dad has gone through a lot since I wrote it, it is still meaningful. He has gone through my Mom's battle with cancer(she won) and he had pretty serious open heart surgery. You can read the poem here.

Then I wrote a couple of Haikus. The first one is called The Siren. I also wrote one about hurricane Irene. I know Irene didn't do anything major around me, but I do understand other folks did not have it so lucky.

Well that catches everyone up on my poetry. I should have a busy month..with football and I am covering a few more plays this month as well. Stay tuned for more...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cathy Rigby

Friday, I published a review of Peter Pan starring Kathy Rigby which is touring the nation. If you want to read the review I linked it for you. It is great and family friendly. What I can't get over is what ind of shape Cathy Rigby appears to be?

I know she was an Olympic star. However, that was in 1968 and 1972. Here she is at 58, flying through the air with a harness. Dancing and doing moves with the ease of a fit person half her age or younger. Maybe it is that she is playing a youthful character like Peter Pan that has her looking young on stage. Perhaps it is all make up and what not. Perhaps it is fairy dust. Perhaps like Peter Pan she is refusing to age.(Peter Pan just refused to grow up.) Whatever it is kudos to her. Maybe one day I will be in shape like this 58 year old lady, but I doubt it. Here she is in action: