Friday, February 19, 2010

My First Interview

My first interview is finally published. Where I was going to originally publish it did not work out. So, after I waited and waited I went to Plan B.  I'd like to thank Jay A. Turner for being a great person to interview. I feel bad it took so long to publish.

Jay A. Turner is a Baltimore, Maryland based musician. He is a bass player who plays a bunch of sessions, tours Europe with Tom Principato, and sits in with bands from time to time. To find out more read my interview here.

I also wrote a review of Jay A. Tuner's latest release "Nine Ladies Dancing" and you can read the review here.

I hope you will read and introduce yourself to his music.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

U.S. Woman Ski Team Has Arrived

No American woman had one the Gold Medal for the Olympic Downhill before Lindsey Vonn did it yesterday. That is saying a lot as the U.S. has had some talented woman skiers like Picabo Street and Diann Roff in the past.

Not only did an American woman win the gold yesterday, they won the silver as well. Julia Mancuso came in second place. The U.S. Woman's ski teram has arrived at Vancover. It was the woman's first event, with more races still to be had the U.S. Woman have a very good opportunity to add to their medal count.

The men are there too. Bode Miller finshed third in the men's downhill only .02 seconds away from the Gold. What a race, where Gold, Silver, and Bronze where only seperated by .02 seconds.

NBC sports for results

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snowed Out and Mardi Gras Week

Ok, we are having a heck of a winter. I like snow but I think I like things in moderation. Too much snow so I can't get my car out means no skiing and playing in the snow. We got dumped on and I live on a hill. We lost power for 12 hours one day and our roads have been barely passable by 4X4's. I have front wheel drive, my wife has a jeep. So, we have been staying at friends house who have power lines underground, and have been having an endless slumber party. I was finally able to get my car out yesterday. My laptop also crashed. So, needless to say I have been away from my computer for a while.

I published a few articles early this month. I haven't published anything new in almost 2 weeks so I do need to get on the stick (or at least the keyboard).

Well, it hasn't been all bad as Valentine's Day, me and my wife ended up going to the Tab Benoit show in Falls Church. He is a very talented musician. One of the best guitarists from New Orleans. Big Sam's Funky Nation was a fun opening act who also jammed with Tab during his set. It was a  great show and a great way to kick off Mardi Gras week. A little taste of New Orleans. Then Monday and even Tuesday were ordinary days. But hey ordinary days aren't all bad. I hope everyone had fun on Fat Tuesday.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Featured Sports and Music Contributer

My writing has really taken off this year. First I picked up the baseball blog and the Tim Tebow Fan staff. This is great for getting my name out there and to add more to my portfolio. In late 2009 I was named a Business & Finance Contributor at Associated Content. This meant more income with 3 higher paying articles a month. Since, then I have learned these are pretty competitive as I have been turned down for a couple of these positions.

Today, however, I was named a featured contributor for Sports. I write a lot about sports, so this was great news. Then later in the day I was named a featured contributor for Music, another topic I like to write about. So, I will be busy writing my nine articles a month. However, that is good too. I find that the more I write the more page views I get. When I disappear like I did last year my page views fall off drastically.

It is also great for the blog because I get to share good news. This is better than my weekend. My weekend ended up with my laptop getting messed up, my dad going to the hospital, and me catching a cold. So, really this Monday was not that bad.