Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin R.I.P

George Carlin passed away Sunday. I was able to enjoy his show, in the small but beautiful Maryland Theater in Hagerstown, Maryland a couple of years ago with my wife. Carlin was funny and entertaining. A lot of his material wasn't "kid appropriate" and I'm sure there were some people who didn't like him or found him offended.

None the less one could not argue with his comedic success. "Carlin won four Grammy Awards for best spoken comedy album and was nominated for five Emmys." If awards don't do it maybe the fact he "produced 23 comedy albums, 14 HBO specials, three books, a few TV shows and appeared in several movies."

Please check out the AP article by Keith St. Clair, it is a good obit and appreciation. I did use it for the quotes in this blog.

I am glad I had the chance to see him, as the comedy world lost a talent on Sunday.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Sometimes it is nice just to be home. Especially after a busy week like last week. 45 hours in the office, three trips to Baltimore after work, a trip to the mall on Monday after work to get my oil change. Then I did some volunteer work early in the morning on Saturday. Then Saturday evening we went to a party.

Don't get me wrong the party was fun, the three baseball games were fun, and the volunteer work was rewarding. My car did need an oil change. It is just nice to sleep in a bit and have no where to go. It is just nice to be home.

However, the "honey do" list is growing. My parents will be here in a few hours so another busy week will start. But for a brief moment of calmness at a place call home is nice.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Ruin of A Great Night

I spent the majority of this week in Baltimore watching the Baltimore Orioles play the Houston Astros. On Tuesday, evening we invited another family to join us. It was their 3 year old twins first major league baseball game. We had great seats. We treated ourselves to a nice meal at Camden Yards. The game was close and a good game to watch.. All was great, then after the game we went our separate ways. Wednesday, morning I received a call from my wife. The other family had parked on a side street and on the way back to their car they were robbed at gunpoint. It is hard to belief a person would hold up a family of four, with three year old kids. Luckily nobody was hurt. The armed gunman stole $60 and a cell phone. He did not steal any credit cards or jewelry. Needless to say a great evening turned really bad for the other couple.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Fathers Day

My Fathers Day wasn't that exciting. My day started with me hanging out with my daughter. Then i spent most of the day fishing at the pond across the street. I caught a lot of bluegill and crappies. I caught 1 large mouth bass and 3 small mouth bass. One of the small mouths was pretty small. The other ones were decent size but no monsters. However, they must of been feisty today since they gave it all they had. I let them all go, so hopefully one day they will be the "monsters" and hopefully I can catch them again. I have it bad for a fishing trip still. However, the next couple of weekends are spoken for and then there is the fourth of July weekend, which I don't want to be caught in beach traffic on a holiday weekend. The night ended with dinner at the horse races. They have a really nice buffet. I also called my Dad for Fathers Day as I get an extra week to shop before he comes to visit. To all the Dad's who stumble on my blog I hope you all had a great day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finding Missing Children

A friend of mine sent me a code to put up on my sites about finding missing children. I went a head and put it up on my blog. As a proud parent, I would be devastated if my daughter or stepson went missing. I know my wife would be devastated if anything happened to either one of them too. I imagine most parents would feel the same way. I will be glad to share the banner code with anyone who would like to add it to their site or blog just let me know. Hopefully, if enough people post these type of links, these children will be found and reunited with their family. I would have to belief being reunited with a lost child would be the greatest Father's Day gift for a father whose child is missing.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Update on Beau Torbert

Beau Torbert is still playing Independent Ball for the Sioux Falls Canaries. Through 28 games Beau is batting .296 with six home runs, 23 RBIs and 19 runs scored. Torbert is 7th on the team in average, fourth on the team in runs scored, sixth on the team in hits, second in home runs, and leads the team in RBIs.

Beau Torbert's team, the Sioux Falls Canaries is 16-12 in second place in the North Division of the American Association, two in and a half games behind division leader St. Paul.

This is a follow up on Beau playing ball again! losted in April, just to give an update on how Beau is doing after his first month in Independent ball.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

An Appreciation To A Friend

Last Sunday, I went to church and I heard the news that Doug Thomas had passed away. He was elderly and living in a rest room. I feel bad or guilty. I feel guilty because I never went to visit him at the rest home. My wife says when she called he didn't remember us, but that is no excuse. We did visit him before he went to the retirement home. I'm happy that he will be reunited with his wife Janet. She was good for him. Doug, in a lot of ways reminded me of me. However, Dug always wanted the best for me and my family. He wanted us to be married, he wanted us to have a house, he wanted the best for us. There was no real reason for Doug to want those things for us, but his heart. We would be so much better off with more people like Doug Thomas in our world. He volunteered for as long as he was able. We volunteered too, but he directed us to where to volunteer. Through Doug we know SHARE and were encouraged to volunteer at REACH experiences which have changed my life. We are better people touched by the life of Doug Thomas. God Bless you Doug! You will be missed!