Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Open Air Stereo

Open Air Stereo is a band with a lot of interesting storylines from taking over 10 years to release a full length album, to the lead singer starring in an MTV reality show (the band made cameos), to finding their guitarist through Craigslists and embarking on a nationwide tour.

I had the opportunity to talk to Open Air Stereo's guitarist Scott Pounds and you can read the interview here.

The interview had some fun videos attached but I am going to add a few more here. Hopefully some different versions and different songs.

He said this song was his favorite and it is the band's current single. The song is called "Damned"

Here is a live version enjoy..

Here is a clip from "Laguna Beach" or at least a slide show about the series..


This band Miggs is touring with them..

Let's share another video from Open Air Stereo..

Can't see them tonight at Jammin' Java here are some more tour dates..

Hope you enjoy and I will be back with more soon...

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