Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Ticketmaster

I have been lucky, spoiled of late getting to see so many shows for free. Then I have been able to find some good deals and get to see some shows pretty darn cheap. Then sometimes there are shows you want to go to and have to buy tickets. Which, I am fine with purchasing tickets. I am not fine with ticketmaster.

The reason I was buying tickets online and in advance of an event was the event was out of town. The event was also offering reduced prices for ordering tickets in advanced. Well when I ordered my tickets online ticketmaster added their fees which wiped out the discount.

I think there was a 50 cent difference from purchasing my tickets at the door than in advanced. Which I am not against a company making money. However, $15 dollars for them to email me a ticket I have to print out myself is a bit insane!

I know it has been going along for a long time. However, for music fans it isn't good. Especially with the rising costs of concerts. Add that to a less than great economy and you wonder why the music industry is suffering? I'm off my rambling soapbox.

I know it is going to be a great show and a fun time. I was able to get my tickets quick and easy as well. I will give ticketmaster props for that. Their website has always been easy to navigate as well. Just wish they would cut the fans some slack!

Well I will be back with a new blog. Will I have a new soapbox? Stay tuned while I think of something new..

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