Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Nirvana

Recently Nirvana was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sadly their lead singer Kurt Cobain killed himself to join "the 27 Club."

Unlike the kid who said "Kurt Cobain made the band" time has certainly been good to fellow Nirvana band mate Dave Grohl who has had tremendous success with The Foo Fighters and recently sames to have a midas touch in Rock.

I do like the way how Nirvana has regrouped recently with singers who are vastly different from Cobain so there is no comparison or competition with the late singer.

Like when they regrouped with Paul McCartney..

No one is going to compare Paul McCartney and Curt Cobain they contrast so much in generation, style, and music. At the Hall of Fame they let the girls sing..

Or Lorde..

Bringing new textures and connecting the band with their former generation and today's generation.
I was always partial to Nirvana being interpreted by other artists like Tori Amos..

but this is in tribute to..

Well I hope you enjoyed your visit come back tomorrow as the challenge continues with an O!

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K. Nowinsky said...

Awesome post - can't wait to show my boyfriend (he was a big Nirvana fan). Love the blog.
Stopping in to share some A to Z love