Thursday, April 3, 2014

A to Z: Challenge: California Breed

You might not have heard about California Breed. They are a brand new power trio in the rock world. Collectively the group can be linked to Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Black Country Communion. I'm ready to hear their debut being released in the United States on May 20, 2014. I mean I haven't been this excited for a new band's debut since Black Country Communion's first release.California Breed consists of Jason  Bonham, Glenn Hughes and Andrew Watt.

The beginning:

Jason Bonham and Glenn Hughes made up the rhythm section of the supergroup Black Country Communion. Mr. Hughes adding his legendary vocals with his energetic stage presence easily could be considered a frontman in the band.

BCC had more ingredients including blues guitar maestro Joe Bonamassa and keyboard master Derek Sherinian.

Then they split up and out of the ashes came California Breed. Though in honesty, BCC didn't go down in flames. Probably the reason falls more on logistics and conflicting music projects.

Older Past:

Glenn Hughes first made his mark in the music world with bands like Finders Keepers and Trapeze. His status took a legendary leap as a member of Deep Purple. A successful run with Black Country Communion brought Glenn Hughes into the now. Now California Breed is set to put him into the future..

Jason Bonham has the bloodline being Led Zeppelin's John Bonham. He has cut his teeth on rock and roll. He has recorded with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. The first time I saw him play live was in 1988 with Jimmy Page on The Outrider Tour...

He played in his own band and  Bonham in the 80's. Did some Zeppelin tribute tours. He played as a member in Led Zeppelin in a couple of one off reunions including The Celebration Concert at the O2.

He even honored Led Zeppelin with Heart at The Kennedy Center..

The New

Andrew Watt at 23 represents a new generation of guitar heros playing with the established Hughes and Bonham.

The Future coming 5.20.14..

California Breed coming soon!

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