Friday, April 18, 2014

A to Z Challenge: National Poetry Month

Poetry is where my writing really began. I have gone back to it writing more. Perhaps full circle but it is different now. Plus I still explore other writing avenues. Anyway this month is National Poetry Month and I haven't embraced it.

The last poem I read...

I haven't shared someone elses work in a while. The last poem I read was by Bill Williams III on Yahoo! Voices  it is called "Friday at the Office." I enjoyed it and thought Bill caught the balancing act between work and family perfectly. I know I struggle with that balancing act!

Poems for Easter:


Easter treasures and lost meanings My mind finds the same theme on this one as the about Easter one.

The empty tomb  I really liked this one.

Celebrating the return

Senryu about Easter

Senryu about Passover

I tend to write more Senryu and haikus. Short, flowing like this post. I will be back on Saturday with a new post for the challenge. In the meantime I might write a poem or two to celebrate the Poetry month.

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