Monday, April 7, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Fairs and rain

I knew the rain was going to come. It was never a question of if it was going to rain but when it would come. My little girl knew a fair  was in the area and she really wanted to go. She opened up the door and saw the rain was holding off. While my tired bones were trying to sneak in some extra rest her methods were more convincing. Methods that might lead me to need traction.

 Finding the county fairgrounds was a bit of adventure since I went Old School to find it without modern navigational tools. I did end up giving a stranger a ride and it did provide more time for Daddy and daughter to connect.

The first exhibit, a kids farming  activity captivated my daughter with hands on activities. Planting seeds, digging potatoes, gathering eggs, milking cows and being buried in corn. The eggs and cow weren't real but the fun was very real. This simple activity was probably the most enjoyable ne for my daughter.

She was able to feed some horses and pet some ponies before we caught a wolf show. Next we made are way to the rides.

Per her request we did this super shake ride. Then we rode probably the scariest ride at the fair. I knew it was scary I rode it with her friend's dad last summer. But I think the pride of being tall enough to ride the ride got the best of her. She was trembling when she got in the ride. Honestly it was too much for her. Locked in the cage of the machine there was no way out.

She did well. When it started to really scare her I put my arm around her told her it would be alright. Sure she was scared as we tumbled upside down together she told me it was going to make her throw up! Thankfully, she did not vomit. We made it off the ride alive! The ride operator mentioned she conquered the scariest ride. However, she wasn't ready for a second try. I talked to her and she felt accomplished by the time the day was done which made it woth with. Then again a probably should have put my foot down and said no. I guess you could have said it was a coin flip kind of decision. However, the self-confidence and accomplishment she got out of i made it the right decision.

We did the other rides. Then we took in a dirt bike trick show. Real daredevils showing off on big jumps.
Then she played some games, had a pony ride, and went to the petting zoo. This in when the skies opened up. We tried a few more rides without much luck and decided to call it a day.

We both were happy for the time spent together. She had fun! She even fell a sleep on the ride home.


David P. King said...

Awesome slice of life. :)

Gwynn Rogers said...

Mike I loved your post as I have always LOVED the rides at fairs. When my daughter was young I took her on the Puyallup Fair's roller coaster. She was terrified, but like your daughter did a great job. Thanks for reminding me of fun times.

D Biswas said...

I used to go to fairs as a child, so this came alive for me.

Damyanti, cohost AZ 2014

mike spain said...

Thanks David!

Gwynn glad you loved the post and I am glad you had fun times to be reminded of!

Damyanti, thanks for the visit!