Thursday, April 10, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Japanese Literature Thousand Cranes

I have admitted several times that I am a manic reader. Sometimes I will read a half a dozen books in month other times it may be six months before I read a book. I am not a book worm. I am in insecure reader. Not in the sense that I can't read. More in the fact I never feel like I am "well read." Maybe it is all those lists. Maybe I know too many writers and English majors. The fact is I am pretty well read since most of what I read that is non-fiction is considered a classic buy someone.

That feeling of not being "well read" kind of leaves me with a chip on my shoulder and it makes me open to explore and read something out of my comfort level. That is why I picked up a yellowed copy of Nobel Prize winning Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata's Thousand Cranes. Why not? It is a classic. It's different and probably not o one of those lists. Plus it gave me an excuse from staying in my Western literature comfort zone.


The book wasn't one I couldn't put down. The story did have several plot twists. It shared the traditions of the tea ceremony. One could see the tradition decay and fall apart. Kind of like the love and some of the characters in the novel. If you have read it feel free to leave your thoughts?

I'm glad I read it. The book was written in another generation from me published in 1952. It was also written across the globe from me in Japan. A book from another time and culture. I really enjoyed the authors twists. Not a review and not spoiling the book just my thought on reading some Japanese literature.

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