Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Baseball is Back

Baseball is back! Spring training is over and the boys of summer are back on the field. The goal  is to end up being World Champions in Autumn.

Here is a flashback from Ozzie Smith and how at 40 he took the field for opening day..

Here is a story I wrote for Yahoo Sports about my experience at opening day in Philadelphia in 2011. Below is a picture from that game.

A bad break on opening day, Don Baylor breaks leg on a ceremonial first pitch..

Baseball is along season and provides so much to write about. Heck, I even wrote an article about Ten Great Baseball Songs. You can read my list here and listen to one of the songs below..

How will the season go? Who will emerge as all-stars? Who will make the playoffs? Who will win pennants? What surprises will the season have?

Fantasy Baseball Today suggested these opening day storylines..

I don't know the answers. However, I might make it to a ballpark, college, minors, or major leagues and catch a game. I might have a hotdog, a cold beverage and just might enjoy a game.


Anonymous said...

I think Cleveland is going to win it this year!

mike spain said...

Cleveland Rocks!