Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A to Z Callenge: Huskies Hoops Champs Times Two

One University, two teams, two championships, is the story of University of Connecticut Huskies basketball   in 2013-14. The paths to the championships were as different as night and day. I am talking about the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Champion UConn Huskies and the 2014 NCAA Women's Basketball Champion UConn Huskies.

The men came in as a seventh seed, however the Huskies have an established history of success with three National Championships in their school history. They started out the tournament by defeating Saint Joseph's before knocking out seconded seated Villanova.

Marching forward UConn eliminated third seeded Iowa State and fourth seeded Michigan State to advance to the Final Four. Then the Huskies beat the top ranked Florida Gators by 10 points to move on to the Championship.

Then the Huskies defeated  the talented upstart Kentucky Wildcats who made it to the championship as an 8th seed.

The Woman

The UConn Huskies came into the tournament undefeated and as a number one seed. They destroyed Prairie View A&M in the opening round 87-44. Next they crushed Saint Joseph's 91-52. They won their first two games by 43 and 39 points.

Next they beat BYU 70-51 and Texas A&M 69-54 to advance to the Final Four.

They rolled by Stanford 75-56 to reach the finals. Then in the finals they dominated their rivals Notre Dame who had been undefeated 79-58.

I love the way these ladies play and I love how UConn and Notre Dame took care of business to reach the finals.

Congrats to both teams!

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