Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Reads: A Deadly Silver Sea

I mentioned before in my coming attractions I have been reading more. When I end up reading a lot I sometimes blog about what I have read. However, that seized when I wasn't really reading. Like I confessed before I am a manic reader.

Well I finally read the Bob Morris novel A Deadly Silver Sea. 

What can I say he hooked me in to his Zach Chasteen series of tropical adventure mysteries with his award winning first novel Bahamarama. Now I need to read his latest one Baja Florida. But my taste in tropical adventures run from Ernest Hemingway to Jimmy Buffett, and Peter Benchley so he kind of fits in well. \all of his books are well researched and I enjoy reading them.

This one our hero finds himself in a bad place when his pregnant wife and him go on a cruise ship which is taken over by terrorists. Rescues, explosions, danger on the high seas what is not to like?

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