Friday, February 8, 2013

College Hoops Update!

We are inching closer to March Madness! The best part of the college basketball season. It has been about three weeks or so since I shared my recaps on college basketball. I will do that now since my weekend is going to be crazy busy (which means cool things to blog about soon!)

Georgia Tech

I'll start with there loss to the North Carolina Tar Heels. As poorly as ACC play has gone for the Yellow Jackets this game was not a surprise. You can read my recap here. Highlights below..

Then there was Georgia Tech's first ACC win over Wake Forest. They won with authority and you can read my recap here. More highlights below..

I did miss to recaps Georgia Tech lost both games one was to FSU. However, I did recap their win over Virginia. You can read that here.

Florida Gators

Switching gears to a team that wins more. First the Gators beat their rivals the Georgia Bulldogs again. You can read the recap here. Here are some highlights..

Then the gators rolled past some more Bulldogs, this time Mississippi State. The recap is here. Then the Gators shut down South Carolina you can read that recap here.

No luck on highlights n those games. Then the Gators beat then #16 Mississippi you can read about it here. Below are some highlights.

The Gators luck ran out in Arkansas. You can read about the Razorbacks big upset here. Highlights below..

Well there are the recaps I have written since last time. I will have some more up soon and I will blog later this month as we get ready for the Tournaments.

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