Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Smithereens

Okay everyone in my house is getting sick so it has slowed me down a bit. Anyway here is my review of The Smithereens concert at The State Theatre in Falls Chuch, Virginialast week. It was a great show the band played all their hits and losts of deep tracks. They played for over two hours and played over 30 songs. The hits were great moments of late 80s early 90s rock. Can you believe a band from that era with no keyboards?

I did add a video on the review of the band perfroming a song a couple of days before the show I reviewed. Since I like adding more stuff in my blog I will add a few more songs here.

Here the band performs "Behind a wall of Sleep" at the same venue but from a show in 2011...

Here they perform "The House We Used To Live In" from 2012 so I think this is from the same tour...

Well, I will be back with a new post soon! Until then enjoy!

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