Sunday, February 17, 2013

Troubled Country Singer Mindy McCready Dies

37 is two young too die. However, Cindy McCready had more than her fair share of troubles. Unfortunately trouble does not follow the ideology of fairness. Recently her boyfriend who she called her soul mate, and the mother of her youngest child killed himself. That is a lot to bare. She also had problems with alcohol and drugs at time which resulted in family and legal troubles. It is a lot for anyone. Unfortunately it was too much for her and early reports  say she committed suicide. I feel for her children, family and love ones.

Like many posts I do about people who die I usually find songs so we can celebrate their musical legacy.

Her number one hit "Guys Do It all The Time"

Another top 10 hit "A Girls Gotta Do"

and another top 10 hit.."Ten Thousand Angels"

May she finally find peace. R.I.P. Mindy McCready


Anonymous said...

Never force people back in your life. You wouldnt want them to point their fingers at you and get why did you force me back to this hell?

Anonymous said...

The act of oration is a completely different set of abilities.