Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rhonda Vincent the Review

Well I told you I would be back with more about the Queen of Blue Grass, Rhonda Vincent and here I am. Well yes I interviewed her but I also was fortunate to review her show. You can read my review here. What was even better was the proceeds from the event went to help the high school where the concert took place. It went to help the athletics, the drama club, the band, other music programs. All of the programs that help kids, the extra curricular activities that along with academics can help students go to college, the programs constantly being cut where all supported and in my book(or at least in my blog) that is good.

The concert was good no opening act over two hours of music. Nothing fancy it was kind of stripped down. However, if you have won over 80 awards the music must be alright.

Trying to add a couple of videos, but between two articles and two blog posts I hope I post something different.

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