Monday, November 19, 2012

November Football Post 3

Writing wise I have a lot of things going on this month. I actually attempt to slow it down a bit but you all see how that is working. I'll be back with a few more reviews. I'm covering a concert and a play this weekend. Like always there is more. On to football...

Fantasy Football

After a very bad start I am riding a very long winning streak into first place. I was helped out by Justin  Blackmon's 49 point game and Rob Gronkowski who had a 25 point game but broke his arm.


Well the Jaguars almost won. They fell to Houston in overtime 43-37 to insure they have a losing season. You can read the recap here. Below are some highlights..

College Football

Who knew Kansas State and Oregon would both lose? Oh well here is my latest college rankings. The college teams I covered both won. The Florida Gators shut out Jacksonville State. The recap is here.

Georgia Tech beat Duke. You can read that recap here as well.Here are some highlights from that game...

Rankings, recaps, highlights..a bit of everything.

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