Thursday, December 15, 2011

Theatre Update

I enjoy taking my daughter to the theatre. It is a new experience and I think she is catching the bug. She is going to do the Christmas Pageant this month and then who knows. I took her to her first non children geared play when I took her to Alice in Wonderland. She loved it and got to meet the cast later. Kids follow more of the show than you think too.

Next up I took her to The Commedia Pinocchio which is wrapping up this weekend. It was at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre's Fun Factory. I liked that it was longer than the last children's play I saw there. Again my daughter loved it.

Then I saw a bigger production of Hairspray at the Signature Theater. It was an incredible show. The singing and dancing were out of the world. It was hard to write a review since I could put so much in to it.

I've been busy. I have written two more reviews and hopefully they will be published soon. Then I think I am done with the theatre for 2011. However, I have said I am not doing anymore shows this month and end up doing four so who knows.

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