Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's over..the election

I've seen so much hate, intolerance, and anger over this election. I thought we were getting past that and we lived in a better place. Well my rose colored glasses certainly were knocked off! I saw it from Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps it has been there all along in the past. Maybe I didn't see it then since social network is a newer thing. I hope it gets better.

I hope the close election wakes Obama up! I hope he does more in the next four years. I hope the Country is better in four years! I hope he understands a lot of people aren't satisfied with what he has accomplished. I'm not bashing him, being President is a tough job and no matter what he does not everyone will be happy. I know he has to work with congress to get things done, but that his job.

I hope he can improve the economy, the environment, and make it a more peaceful world. If Mitt Romney would have won I would hope he would do the same. I hope education improves. I hope the hungry are fed and the homeless sheltered. I hope tomorrow is better than today..I have a lot of hope.

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