Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Experience Hendrix Follow Up and My Review

Waiting is a virtue. Not one that I am blessed with. As a writer I want my reviews up but I am glad they are up and they worked out all the kinks on the new site. If you have not noticed I enjoy guitar music. When I heard that the Experience Hendrix Tour was going to be playing at the Strathmore, well I worked my magic. Again I had to wait. There is a saying good things come to those who wait. This time it worked out wonderfully.

You can read my review here. It was the first time I used my pictures since I have been working with my editor, but he used them I guess he liked. I felt so in adequate with my nice, but still point and shoot camera, when most of the others had those huge lenses and fancy cameras. I think I did okay, I took a bunch maybe I went a bit overboard.

I love this one of Kenny Wayne Shepherd..

Here is Buddy Guy's set from the night via Youtube..

Added a few extras for you. Also some of my thoughts and ramblings. Hope you enjoy. Tomorrow will be about Smokey Robinson...


Jeremy Bates said...

I cut for Jimi Hendrix like a rat does cheese. The guy definitely revolutionized the way the electric guitar was subsequently played.

Sweet videos! I saw Kenny Wayne in Austin in Dallas; I believe it was in 2005.

Have you ever watched the DVD entitled, 'Jimi Does Berkeley'? That is one awesome collection of a lot of his faves performed in the 60's.

Mike Spain said...


Thanks for leaving a comment and visiting. "Jimi Does Berkeley" is a sweet collection!