Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Football Post of November

Let's rev up November! My non sports fans don't worry I have a very busy November underway. Plenty of non sports posts coming! Tomorrow I will probably blog about the election, then Thursday and Friday will be music oriented posts. I've covered two shows already this month and it looks like I am going to cover five more plus see another one so a lot of material coming up!Sports fans looking for more than football.well basketball is a possibility stay tuned..

Okay enough rambling..

Fantasy Football

A fourth straight win and I am now in fourth place in my league and one game over .500. It was the second week in a row I had the biggest margin of victory. Doug Martin's 4 touchdowns and 251 yards really helped me out!


As some of you know I cover the Jacksonville Jaguars but my recaps might be better to read by fans of their opponents. This week the Detroit Lions whipped them. You can read my recap here.

College Football

The teams I cover on the college level fared much better. Georgia Tech beat Maryland soundly. You can read about it here. Highlights are below..

The Florida Gators bounced back and beat Missouri. Okay, maybe they didn't bounce back but they won. You can read the recap here. Below are some more highlights..

Last but not least my rankings for this week! You can read them here. That's it for now but a new post will be up soon!

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