Thursday, April 26, 2012

A to Z: Waters, Roger Waters

A quick post today. Most people have heard of Pink Floyd and a lot know Roger Waters as a vocalist, bassist, co-founder of the band.He has also released some solo efforts which have featured such guitarists as Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck.

I am going to post some tunes you might have missed...

Here is Roger Waters with Eric Clapton "Go Fishing" something I need to do but that's another post.

Here is Roger Waters and Jeff Beck with "What God Wants"

Just for fun since I like Bob Marley..

Anyway just a few more A to Z posts left...

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Anonymous said...

I also saw Roger Waters last tour. The guitarist/vocalist they have replaced Gilmour was a guy called Dave K, and he was the shit. I have Roger waters tickets for the concert in May. Tickets are cheap comparing to last tour..but not sure there are any left.