Friday, April 27, 2012

A to Z: Challenge Xebec

Apparently there are more words starting with X than I know. Even though I write, I never claimed to have a huge vocabulary. Heck, I get tongue tied and twisted with the words that I know.

Anyway Xebec is a word! You can use it in a game of scrabble. It could also be a trivia answer or a Jeopardy answer. So, if you use it on Jeopardy and you win don't forget to send me my commission!

According to dictionary.con Xebec is a three masted pirate ship! Okay they called it a Mediterranean vessel.

Now you know a new word, see if you read my blog every now and then you learn something. Okay, if I blogged more often I could learn more.

I even found a video on youtube..

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