Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A to Z: Dad and Daughter

Well roughly 5 years ago and nine months I wasn't looking to become a Dad. However, things happened. Roughly 5 years I was hanging out in a hospital waiting. We didn't have the sex of our child announced before hand but there were hints. I ignored them. I had a stepson, but for my firstborn child I was secretly hoping for my own son. Later that day I was picking out a pink hat for my new daughter. Yes we thought of names for both. It was girl. How was I going to be a dad to a daughter?

Well I didn't realize daughters are so much fun!

Plus you can go out on Daddy Daughter Dates!

Dad is the thing I do best! Plus the gig comes with the best benefits..

Now she turns five this week so tunes back in 11 or 12 years and ask me how I like the gig..


sue said...

and being a mum is the next best thing to being a dad! Lovely to hear someone speaking so positively about the experience. Good on you

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Anonymous said...

Good luck and congrats your a dad :)
do check out my E at GAC a-z

Suze said...

She' a real dolly, Mike.