Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A to Z: Chick-fil-A

Well, I've been in a rut on this blog writing mainly about music with theatre thrown in here and there. There used to be more sports and more me. This challenge will provide a chance to include a bit of everything. Now that I am older and have a daughter one of my main hang outs is the local ChicK-fil-A:

Where I get to sit and watch my daughter chase the cow around! They do a lot of cool things on Tuesday Family Nights. The one near me frequently has face painting and balloon animals. Sometimes they have giant inflatable slides and pony rides.

Which makes my little girl look like this...

So yes I wait around for hours in the restaurant as my daughter plays but after the day is done I am her hero and it makes it all worth while!


kmckendry said...

Pony rides...always a good thing.

Jeremy Bates said...

The only thing I don't like about Chic-Fil-A is the fact that they are closed on Sundays.

The best thing is the family nights and the terrific service.

Nice to know that parents really care for their kid.