Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Remembering Dick Clark

Due to the breaking news I decided to go for a second post today. First the news about Levon Helm's battle with cancer and now the news of Dick Clark passing. Television made Dick Clark look forever young. He was part of my New Year's Eve plan if I wasn't seeing a band, watching a bowl game, or skiing. He was a bigger part of my New Year's than that last sentence made it sound. He was 82 and died of a Heart Attack. You can find various obits all over the web. I thought I would gather some clips to remember Dick and thank him for all the music over the years.

This was Dick Clark's last countdown...

Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five n his show American Band Stand in 1969 a bit before my time..
Chuck Berry...

Bloopers from a classic game show

He was an entertainment icon and he will be missed.

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