Monday, July 14, 2014

Farewell to Yahoo Contributor Network! Spotlight on the Fun Groups

Continuing on my series..Here is what going on Yahoo! Contributor Network..AKA Yahoo! Voices which used to be Associated Content and a site I have published my writing at for seven years will be calling it quits at the end of the month. So you can stop in and read my articles while they last here. Getting my shameless self promotion out of the way!  I will reflect my thoughts on this writing place going under in a later post.

Sorry for the break had a lot going on this weekend, and it was a fun weekend. With that in mind I thought I would share some of the people and things which made my time at Associated Content, Yahoo fun!

The Pageview Gang!

We weren't the page view gang but when I first joined Associated Content I wound up in a group of fellow writers. We all agreed to look at 10 articles from each other. Some folks gave this some flack and with good reason. No it wasn't a great way to increase page views. It took up time. However, it was fun! It made my early days writing for associated content fun. I was encouraged to write more! I made cyber friends with other writers. It really made it easier for me and I thank that group. Ironically we even had our own Yahoo! Group. I looked for the group on Yahoo but it has vanished. If you were in the group stop bye.

John Gugie

John Gugie was in that group and became one of my first friends in this group. Sadly he became one of the first people who passed away that I knew. I wrote a tribute blog to him. I know others have passed away who wrote for Yahoo and Associated Content too.

Yahoo! Contributor Network - The Next Generation

This facebook group did motivate me to write more. They brought the fun factor back in for me. Like I said there were things from time to time I didn't like..the love/hate thing. So, I thank the founders Tavia Fuller Armstrong, Art Eddy and Rebecca Black. I linked to their Yahoo pages so you can visit their writings!

The Great Page View Race! 

Anyone remember the page view race with Han Van Meegerin? He did brighten the place up a bit!

 Thanks for dropping in! Please support all these writers and I will be back soon with another blog!


Rebecca Black said...

You are such a sweetie for writing this! Well written too!

WT Abernathy said...

Well done:) Great to see these stories living on-

Melissa Matters said...

Good memories!