Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Recap

What a month on the blog World Cup, farewells, music, and football. I never thought July would be better page view wise than April with the A to Z thing. I even picked up a few more followers, I welcome them and hope they enjoy their stay.

Saying goodbye to Yahoo! Contributor Network is sad news. Being a writer there was a roller coaster with the ups and downs. In my book the place was on an upswing and I actually liked writing there again and then boom! Some of the downs could be me, misinterpretations, and some things just simply sucked at times. All of it according to my own perception.  I liked the Associated Content years the best. The group of writers who befriended me had a bit to with it. Yahoo brought out great opportunities to see my writing on a bigger stage like Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports and the such. It opened doors.

The ups and downs don't matter now. It is all history. I am glad I was able to spotlight 10 other writers on my blog this month. Hopefully in the future I can spotlight others and just not the musicians, athletes, and celebrities. I don't know what the futures holds I just stumble into it one step at a time.

The World Cup just proved my picks in any sport a wise man should bet on the opposite team! I didn't watch as much as I wanted too. 

Johnny Winter's death reminded me of miss opportunities, the need to take advantage of them when you can. It also reminded me to appreciate the living legends out there while we can. Things end unexpectedly.

Thanks readers, visitors, and accidental clickers for making July special onward into August I go with the blog!

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