Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Buddy Guy

I celebrated Buddy Guy's birthday last year with this post. Buddy Guy is such a great guitarist ,musician of influence and a living blues legend he is certainly worth blogging about again. The recent passing of Johnny Winter has reminded blues lovers that life is fragile for aging blues men so certainly we should celebrate when we can.

Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy "Let Me You"..

Jeff Beck's intro certainly says it all! Here is a picture of Buddy Guy with Johnny Lang the first time I saw him..(Photo by me)

I watched him perform at the Experience Hendrix tour and you can read my review here. Below Guy performs with Jimi Hendrix on this Stormy Monday Jam..

The next time I had the privilege of seeing Buddy Guy was at Wolf Trap with John Mayall what a treat!
You can read that review here. Below is from that show with a new teenage blues phenom Quinn Sullivan..

Taking you home with "Sweet Home Chicago"

Happy Birthday Buddy Guy! A blues master who is still going strong into his upper 70s amazing!


Rebecca Black said...

Great article and very fun to read!

Adam Everhard said...

I saw Buddy Guy in concert 11 summers ago now, and he absolutely blew my mind. What a gifted and versatile musician, and so many people don't even know who he is.
Thanks for dropping by at KHEL 666.