Thursday, November 3, 2011

R.I.P Pay it Forward: John Gugie

John Gugie was one of the first people I met on Associated Content way back in 2007. I joined a Yahoo! Group he was in and used to browse his work quite often. I've made stabs of paying it forward on this blog before without a contest. If I like someones work I share it. John was probably the first peer, that I shared his work. The blog post can be found here and it was in regards to an interview he did with a band called Mr. Jack.

Here is his profile on what was Associated Content now known as Yahoo! Contributor Network. He wrote a lot about movies, food, poetry, and his local area in Pennsylvania. He has over 2 million page views. He will certainly be missed by his readers.

I would like to say thank you. You made it fun in the beginning. You helped me hang on and reach higher levels. You also helped me improve by encouraging me to continue. Though we never met you will bne missed my writing friend.

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Karen B said...

Did a search for something and saw this. Nice post for John. He was my everything and will always be missed deeply.