Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Farewell to Yahoo Contributor Network! Spotlight on a pastor, a clinical social worker, and a scientist

Continuing on my series..Here is what going on Yahoo! Contributor Network..AKA Yahoo! Voices which used to be Associated Content and a site I have published my writing at for seven years will be calling it quits at the end of the month. So you can stop in and read my articles while they last here. Getting my shameless self promotion out of the way!  I will reflect my thoughts on this writing place going under in a later post.

This collection of writers sounds like a joke starting with a pastor, a social worker, and a scientist. However instead of a funny joke they are walking into the sunset after Yahoo! Voices closes.

Jack Wellman is a pastor who have enjoyed in reading over the years at YCN. I would consider him a friend. He always leaves positive and encouraging comments. His articles at times spoke to me. An example would be about his article on organ donors, which I have signed up to be. I have heard people use a Christian argument not to be one even though I personally thing it is good to be one. Then Jack wrote his thoughts which I enjoyed. I know he shares a passion for helping the homeless which is something we have in common as well. You can read his Yahoo!Voices articles while they last here.

David Reinstein is another writer I have enjoyed over the years. I've enjoyed his articles on guitars as a guitar collector and music fan myself. I have also enjoyed his poetry and unique perspectives. You can check out his YCN writings here.

Vincent Summer is an active member in the forums. His writing is mostly an eclectic collection of science based articles. I have enjoyed reading several of his animal articles. A variety f other articles of his have caught my attention from time to time. You can see if any of his articles interest you here.

Thanks for stopping bye come back soon!

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