Friday, July 25, 2014

The Lows of Being High: Justin Blackmon

Justin Blackmon could have been an All-Pro last year despite missing the first four games of the season if he had not been suspended again. He should be preparing for the upcoming season, but suspended indefinitely trouble once again found him.

As a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars I can't help to wonder how much better the team would be with Blackmon playing and staying out of trouble. Another side wonders how much better the team would be if they had picked somebody else.

As a football fan I hate to see the waste of his talents. Even if he was playing for another team I would want to see the talent.

Three times he has failed the leagues substance abuse tests three times. Now three arrests. The arrests were for alcohol and ow marijuana. Not the brightest things to do and then drive. Not the worst drugs in the world but safer to have been done at home.

Maybe the drugs and alcohol help him with the pains and aches of being an athlete. Maybe it is just bad choices of youth. Signs point to a problem and sadly he is not getting help. He had kept a low profile before his latest bust.

Hopefully one day he will get it straightened out. Perhaps someday he will get the help he needs!

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