Sunday, March 30, 2014

Eric Clapton's Birthday

Today was Eric Clapton's birthday, March 30. Like I needed an excuse to blog about a legendary guitarist.

Thought I would start the post off with a more current video. Don't worry it is all good an less likely to be a repeat video from one of my earlier blogs.

Here is an article I wrote nearly 4 years ago called "Ten of My Favorite Eric Clapton Songs" I am sure I could have wrote that article ten years ago or tomorrow and probably come up with a different top ten.

His catalog of songs offers so many choices, there is always one "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

No doubt he has seen his share of tears. Perhaps it is the cost of riding with the king..

Perhaps it is part of his Rock and Roll Heart..

Well I hope he enjoyed his birthday and /i wish him many more!

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