Sunday, March 9, 2014


I like most people have my issues, my problems, my worries and the such. Most people have their own. Don't think you do ask your spouse or significant other. If you truly don't then you are very fortunate.

My addictions usually involve food or soda. I have battled with soda for a while. My addiction costs me probably a bit on my waistline and isn't that healthy. I have a couple of older friends who are in the mist of giving up cigarettes. Apparently that is a hard habit to break. Smokes, sodas, and the such are mild me how addictions. Something that we think about what we are giving up for lent. What about more powerful addictions?

I'm writing this because  a guy I know was living the dream life. He is a musician, a guitarist who is darn good. He is working on a super project with some bigger named folks, he has a beautiful family. Wife, kids, home in the burbs. Life you would think would be grand for them. Except his addiction, which is alcohol, showed up. He made a post on social media which I guess was disturbing.

I applaud him for telling what was going on, how he felt about it, and how far down he was at that point. Most people don't post like that due to the fear of what people are going to say. Which people do choose to judge, and employers spy on what is said, and everyone wants to appear conformed to the Joneses so to speak.

I worried about him. We are cyber space friends and I do admire his talents. I was touched by how many friends wrote supportive messages. That was nice to see. Compassion is lacking a lot in the cyber world unless you are a hurt cute animal or something.

The important thing is it opened my eyes to the world of addiction. It showed me how it could change what appears to be something normal. Showed me how it effects a family. Showed me how much I don't understand addictions. It made the problem of addiction real to me. How do we stop addictions? I don't have the answers. The situation showed me how little I really know about addiction.

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