Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Poetry

Thought I would search through some of my published poetry that I have done on the subject of Spring.

This one is a full open verse poem on Spring I hope you enjoy. Also on Yahoo Contributor Network here is a haiku called Sunshine's Warm Kiss. I even did a haiku about March Madness.

On Helium I published a poem called A Soft Spring Rain. I wrote this one about a year ago.Sometimes I experiment with styles here is a Tanka called Spring Wildflowers. Yet another free verse poem called Spring has Sprung. Here is a rather recent haiku I published called Groundhog's Early Spring. Haiku writing sames to be a place I find myself recently. I like how quick they can be created, how they often just role out onto the screen. 

I know I share a lot of my other articles, but I don't share my poetry as often. It is important to me since it is where I started as a writer. 

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