Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BP: Another Oil Spill

British Petroleum once had a great solar energy program. I once believed they cared about this planet. I know their offices in Frederick, Maryland closed a few years back. Those offices worked on the solar energy stuff. I am sure there are a few people working for BP who care about the environment and the planet.

However, I watch them say the gulf is fine and now four years after their disaster oil still finds its way to the shores of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Probably Texas and Mexico too. I see them try to weasel out of doing more, for taking responsibility, and perhaps it is a disaster that can't be made right. It is business and BP wants more funds going to their profits than going to clean up projects. Most companies would do the same thing.

Our government sames to want to let them off the hook. I didn't like the way Bush handled Katrina and I don't like the way Obama handled the oil spill in the gulf. I want the gulf cleaned up at least as cleaned as it was before the spill. New Orleans appears to have healed from Katrina but I would like the levees improved to help the city survive the next Katrina. Maybe I have too many I wants.

I want to enjoy the salt life, the bayou life, the swamp life instead of making due in the crude life. Then if I think things might be getting better there is the news of another oil spill by BP. It is a smaller spill but it stings a bit knowing they haven't cleaned up their big spill.

As I teach my daughter how to fish the waters of the gulf, something I am learning as well, I wonder when she has children will she be able to teach them?

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