Thursday, March 13, 2014

Glenn Ford 30 years lost

Glenn Ford was released from prison after serving 30 years for a murder he did not commit. Ford is 64 so 30 years is nearly half his life. He can't get those 30 years back. I suppose it is better than alternative since he was on death row.

Two big flaws in Louisiana's system come to mind. The first one is how can you have an innocent man serve 30 years without finding out he is not guilty? The second would be the efficiency of death row and capital punishment. If you are going to have inmates waiting on death row for 30 years you might as well just give them life is prison.

I'm glad Glen Ford is free if he did not commit the crime. I feel for him losing 30 years of his life. I feel for Isadore Rozeman's family. Rozeman was the victim of the crime. The family may have felt closure with Ford serving time for the crime. Now the question is who really murdered Isadore? Just like Ford can't regain the 30 years he lost, we can't bring Rozeman back from the dead, and somehow justice was not found.

Was race an issue? It could be. He had an all white jury. A jury also flawed with supposed inexperience. It wasn't exactly a jury of his peers. In an ideal world justice should be color blind. It is a case with a bunch of flaws and a case were justice was lost.

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