Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Trade Deadline

I love this day in baseball! Teams give up on the season while other teams try to scramble to find the missing piece or pieces to make a run.Big name players are sent away to shred payroll, for prospects, and new hope. As a fan it is kind of fun to see where your favorite players end up. It is also fun to see if your team ended up being buyers or sellers.

Biggest Fire Sale appears to be happening in Philadelphia. The Phillies have traded their center fielder Shane Victorino to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a relief pitcher and a prospect. Here are some highlights from Shane..

Shane's team mate Hunter Pence was traded to the San Francisco Giants for an outfielder and two prospects. Here is Hunter Pence in action..

With about an hour and fifteen minutes left the Phillies might not be done..

Last night the Chicago Cubs sent pitcher Paul Maholm (9-6) and outfielder Reed Johnson to the Atlanta Braves for a couple of players.

I love it and there are still deals being made! 

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