Tuesday, July 3, 2012

R.I.P. Andy Griffith

Everyone has probably heard Andy Griffith has passed away, unless you are still without power. I remember watching reruns of The Andy Griffith Show quite often in my youth. Some of that good, old, entertaining television of years gone by. I also remember watching Matlock later in life.

However, Andy was a musician as well. He was one of the first to play the guitar on a television show..

Here is episode one with Andy Best playing the Guitarist..enjoy it from youtube

Andy Griffith playing the guitar on The Arthur Smith show in 1973...

Here is Andy Griffith performing rather recently with Brad Paisley..

Andy's Flop Eared Mule...

Well I hope I shared a little light on the musical side of Andy Griffith, he will be missed may he rest in peace..

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